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  3. Do i get Nitro Cloud when i have Nitro Pro?

    Hi Ty, Thanks for reaching out to us here. Could you please check your Spam folder for our response? I can see that one of the Support Representatives emailed you back 20 minutes after you submitted your ticket about Nitro Cloud so I'm fearing the response might have gotten routed to your Spam/Clutter folder. Thanks, Mario K.
  4. So I have 36 licenses of nitro pro and I would like to know if that entitles me to Nitro cloud? I have been told this is the case but can not seem to verify it anywhere. Support hasn't responsed in several days. Anyone know any deets or have any any link to the relevant knowledge? Greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Is there a settings to disable this? I have a number of untrainable users that will not close each tab before they quit Nitro. This results in 10-20 tabs open by the end of the day and exponentially slower performance. And ideas?
  6. PDF page objects

    Okay- it sounds like you should try out the redact feature, which lets you search, find, and remove things across multiple pages, and in the same spot. Here's the page on redaction from the manual: http://guide.gonitro.com/articles/redaction/ If you can't get it to work, send a ticket to support- they should be able to help you figure out how to use the redact tool to do this.
  7. Combine 2 Page PDF

    Hi @kyleiniowa, Thanks for posting on our community forums! I suggest using the Insert tool to place two image scans into one page. http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/insert/000001621 You should be able to resize, move or rotate the images so they would fit. If you need further assistance, you may submit a support request here and attach a couple of image scans. One of our Technical Support Reps should be able to assist you. Cheers!

    Hi @HARDIK ASTIK, Thanks for posting on our community forums! We do not have a special pricing for students and educators. At the moment, we do not have any discounts for single-user licenses. We try to offer the most competitive price possible and do offer volume discounting for teams. If you’d like to find out more, please let me know. Make sure to visit our website to stay in the loop about any future promotions for individuals and small teams. You can also subscribe to our newletters to get updates on current promos and discounts. You can do so here: https://www.gonitro.com/free-pdf-software I hope this helps. Cheers!
  9. Printing Web Page to PDF

    in my office we have a Inbuilt Tool(web based Intranet.java). when we print a doc from the tool(web based Intranet.java) to PDF file the font style is being converted to other style rather than the website font Times new roman(style). and it works fine with other printers like Cute PDF Creator, Adobe PDF Creator , and MS PDF Creator why not with nitro PDF Creator.? is there any preferences settings fault?
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  11. PDF page objects

    Hello Steven, Thanks for the fast reply to my post/issue, i really appreciate it. I have tried what you said but it did not work. So i have a full pdf with hundreds of pages and at the very top of each page there is a yellow bar and it says my old website. If I go to edit and i right click the bar first it deletes the yellow bar and then i right click and delete again and it deletes the web address. But only on the page i am working on so then i have to go to next page and do it again and again, which is a pain when there are many pages. I guess when i made the pdfs in Adobe Acrobat years and years ago i should have used headers but i was not thinking so i used the Objects option as it could do all pages at once when i entered the info i wanted. I was running a different version of windows years ago and my Adobe Acrobat was old then and it would not run on my new system so I got Nitro PDF Pro. Anyways while waiting for a response I ended up deleting the web address and yellow bar in one pdf doing page at a time. I have a few more pdfs to go but they can be done at later date. It took me almost two hours as i had forgotten my passwords used when i made and protected the pdfs so had to keep trying until I got it unlocked. No big deal if it can't be done as it was acrobat that made them and not all Acrobat options are in Nitro. Thanks again for the help. Have a great weekend. Fred
  12. Combine 2 Page PDF

    I have some image scans of old music that I'm making into a PDF. Some of these have one bar/line of music on one of the physical pages that finishes 2-3 bars/lines on the next page. I end up with a single bar of music as one page of the PDF file and then the rest of the section on a new page in the PDF because in the physical document it goes over onto the next page. How can I combine these 2 pages of the same song staves into one page so the final PDF so it is more orderly? Maybe I'm looking for a concatenate or merge function? Thanks for your help!

    Hello , can anyone guide me that nitro pro pdf give academic discount as like adobe software if yes that how to get it?
  14. Tab order more friendly

    Hi, I would like to see the tab ordering easier than now. Now you are forced to pass one by one through all the fields, and don't make misstakes as you will have to start again. It would be great the option to drag and drop or writting the order number instead of this way. Thanks!
  15. PDF creation settings

    That is what I was looking for. Thanks!
  16. PDF creation settings

    There's at least two places to check here: in the Create PDF Files window (which you get to by clicking on the PDF button on the Home tab), click on Settings. Make sure Folder: is set to "Folder of original file". If you're using the Nitro add-in for Microsoft Office, you'll need to check the Advanced item in the Nitro Pro tab of each Microsoft office program. Make sure Target folder is set to "Original file folder". Hope that helps- if not, let me know.
  17. How to move pages on Nitro Pro 11

    If you click on the little paper icon on the left-hand side, the Pages sidebar will open, and show you thumbnails of each page. You can drag and drop pages to move them into the right position. Hope that helps!
  18. PDF page objects

    So, if you want to delete all the items on a page, the easiest way is to use the Edit tool and drag the selection box around the whole page. Then press the delete key and all the objects will be gone. If you missed any, they'll be much easier to delete now that far fewer items are on the page. Hope that helps- if not, let me know.
  19. PDF creation settings

    What setting do I need to change to always create a PDF in the same directory as the original editable file? Instead of the location of the LAST PDF creation.
  20. Disable Sacnned Document Pop Up Message

    Thank you!
  21. How to move pages on Nitro Pro 11

    Hey everyone! I want to ask everyone a question: How to move pages on Nitro Pro? I search on Internet but not see , help me guys
  22. PDF page objects

    Hey guys and Gals, I have a question about pdf with page objects on them. I used to have a website and some pdf's of mine have objects on top of page showing my old website that i no longer have. So I opened my pdf and cant remember how to remove page objects all at once. I can click the page object on each page and hit delete but doing 100+ pages will take forever. When I click the item and object tab opens but there is no mass delete. So is there a way to remove all my objects at once without having to go page by page? I dont remember how i added them as the pdfs are old old from many years ago. I am not even sure I used Nitro back then but right now i can delete each object one at a time but am looking for a way to delete all at once. They are not headers or footers as I checked that which is why I am asking. Thanks in advance Fred
  23. Upgrade

    Hi @s2tephen, Thank you for the update! I will respond to you via our ticketing system. Let's keep that thread instead so we can disclose sensitive information (ex. serial number, or alternate link). Cheers.
  24. Disable Sacnned Document Pop Up Message

    Hi @mistertee, Thanks for posting on our community forums! We can turn that off by going to File > Preferences > Notifications > Product messages, untick 'Show in-product messages' > Apply > OK I have attached a screenshot for your reference. I hope this helps. Cheers!
  25. Printing Collated does not work

    When printing multiple copies. I have collated selected. Printing pages, 1,2,3. 1,2,3. 1,2,3. etc. However it prints 1,1,1. 2,2,2. 3,3,3. etc Is there a fix please?
  26. Can someone tell me which preference to adjust to prevent the pop up message "EDIT SCANNED DOCUMENTS, USE OCR" from appearing every time I open a scanned pdf?
  27. Upgrade

    Still going round and around have done as you suggested
  28. Batch processing

    Hi @TCC, Thanks for posting on our community forums! While there are many different things you can do with Batch Processing in Nitro Pro, I am afraid password removing in batches is not one of them. We are always looking to improve Nitro Pro so I have passed this on as a feature request to our developers so they are aware it is something our customers are interested in. While we cannot guarantee each feature request submitted will be granted, rest assured our development team will be notified. If you have any further questions on this, please let me know.
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