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  2. Hello @vegwalker, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! I can see that you were already able to open a support ticket (case # 115111). We will be in touch through that case. Cheers!
  3. Hello Matt, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! I opened a support ticket on your behalf so we can assist you directly. Please let us know here if you're unable to receive any response from us. Cheers!
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  5. Hello @troyh41, Thank you for posting on our Community Forums! It should open the last files you viewed before you closed them. Please note though that any unsaved changes won't be retrieved. If you have problems with this feature, please open a support ticket here, so we can assist you directly: Hope that helps!
  6. Hello @AwesomeDuke, Thank you for posting on our Community Forums! We will need some more information to be able to troubleshoot this problem. Please open a support ticket here: We will need: - A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing - The file you are working on (or is it happening to all files) - how many users are affected? - Your OS (and also whether it is 32-bit or 64 bit?) - What exact version you are using (You can retrieve this information by going to the Help tab> About Nitro Pro.) - The exact steps you are taking - A screen shot of any error message you are receiving. To find out how to take a screen shot, check out this link: shot/000001980 Looking forward to hearing back from you!
  7. Hello @DerekB, The free Nitro Reader is strictly for personal use only. We do, however, have Nitro Reader plans available for companies with several users. If you are interested and would like to speak to one of our Account Executives, please open a support ticket here and include the following information: · The full name, address and email of someone within the company who deals with software acquisition · Details on the environment you would be installing this on (the Operating System, how many users are going to use it, etc) Or you can respond here and I'll go ahead and forward it to one of them. I hope this helps!
  8. Hi @zulu, Thanks for posting on our community forums! I see that one of my colleagues has answered your ticket. Kindly check his response via your inbox (it came before the automatic ticketing system message "We would like to remind you that your case is still open...."). If the steps he provided does not work for you, let's delete the items located in the "Stamps" folder via Appdata to correct this issue. This is also where the Quicksign signatures are stored as well. To do this, please follow these steps: 1. Navigate to this folder on your computer: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Nitro\Pro\11\Stamps. 2. Once there, please delete all of the contents in this folder. 3. Once done, please try to create your Quicksign signature again. Please let us know how it goes.
  9. Hi @grantbradley Thanks for posting on our community forums! Here's an article about creating and editing form fields: If you need further assistance, you may submit a support request (with the PDF document attached) here: One of our Technical Support Reps should be able to assist you. Cheers!
  10. Hi @MG 67 Mike, Thanks for posting on our community forums! Let's run a repair on your Nitro Pro installation. The instructions can be found here: If the issue persists, kindly submit a support request (with the attached file in question) here: One of our Technical Support Reps should be able to assist you.
  11. Hi @PeterPan, Thanks for posting on our community forums! We can definitely help you with this one but we will need the name of company/account, serial number and the computer ID's of machines that are still active. I've tried searching for those tickets you submitted but to no avail. I'll create a ticket in your behalf. Will you let me know if you receive an email about it? Cheers!
  12. Hi @heart 2 heart, Thanks for posting on our community forums! The support team contacted you on June 23, 2017. Were you able to receive our message? Please check your all your inboxes, including Spam folder, as our emails are mistakenly routed there sometimes. If you did not receive the emails, please let me know. Cheers!
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  14. Trying to reinstall after a hard drive crash and get error message about exceeding allowable copies. I tried to submit a support ticket twice. Both times I filled out all the boxes and clicked Submit Ticket and all my entries disappeared without the Ticket being submitted. Tried to get through on the phone and got message that there is no phone support and messages can't be left and that I need to submit a Ticket. Where do I go from here??
  15. Hmm - I was looking for a solution for exactly that same problem running Windows 7 - 64 bit and Nitro 10. Worked fine for about two years and suddenly takes 30 seconds or so to start, no matter if started directly or through another app for displaying a pdf. No problem comes up in the Windows log files, the PC has plenty of compute power (i7), 64 GB of memory and runs on a SSD, and plenty of resources available.
  16. Hi There. Did you tried reaching cleverbridge
  17. Our users deal with legal documents that they review and amend with notes and highlights. Nitro allows to save these elements together with the PDF, or to export them as .fdf (or .xfdf) files. We can also print the document with its comments, but this will place the additional elements in-line with the original layout. What we are looking for is an additional function to print a separate report that only contains the amendments made, with reference to their position. It's basically what you see when you click on "View all text, drawing, stamps and attachment markups in this document". If you do that, the lower part of the Nitro window contains a list if all the changes you made to the PDF. Now all we need is a way to print this out separately. Easy, right? Thanks! Daniel
  18. I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, so I'll go over the three things that come to mind here: If you're trying to convert an XLS file to a PDF, you can do this by using the Nitro Pro toolbar to convert the file to a PDF- click on the toolbar, select any options you need, and then press Create PDF. You can also right-click on the file in Windows and choose Convert to PDF with Nitro Pro, and it will make the XLS file into a PDF for you. You can copy & paste to some extent from an XLS file into a PDF, but it's not guaranteed to work well. Just select what you want, hit copy, and then use paste inside of your PDF to put the content there. You can literally attach an XLS file to a PDF- these are called attachments, and to access them, you would click on the paperclip, and then pick Add. The import thing you mentioned is if you have a form, and you use some or all of the same data each time, you can export a form data file (FDF) with your answers, and then import it back in to save you time re-entering the same information. Hopefully this answered your question- if not, let me know. Otherwise, you can always contact support and they'll be able to answer your question:
  19. Hi Leslie, Any update on this? It appears taht others are affected by issue as well. Only these guys are requesting a refund, see the thread below: Can it be that hard to restore a rather simple feature that was present in earlier revisions, and that was removed for no apparent reason? Best, Daniel
  20. Yes- you can read the key out of the registry. Use a tool to mount the remote registry, and read the SerialNumber key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nitro\Pro\11.0. Otherwise, reach out to support and they'll help you recover your key:
  21. Hi, When I first install Nitro Pro last month, all was fine. I was able to create a signature under QuickSign. However, last week I deleted the existing signature and while I try to create and add a new signature, it didn't work. I've tried inserting files, via webcam and even drawing on the screen, the program just accept the actions but when you go back to the menu, nothing is found there. I've tried uninstalling and installing Nitro again but the same symptoms persist. Now I've got to use the Watermark feature to insert signature instead. Have submitted a ticket to Nitro but still awaiting their reply. Anyone with similar experiences and advise to share most appreciated! Zulu System: Windows 10 Pro running on Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen
  22. Hi, I have been trying to log a support ticket for the past month but am having no success, our Account manager is also having no success in raising this issue for us because we haven't heard back from him either. -------------------------------------------------- Hi, a user has reported that when using cross out (Review > Cross Out) they are unable to change the line thickness. I have replicated this on my PC. Within a PDF if you use the cross out feature then click on the crossed out text you get access to two new ribbons Properties and Alignment. On the Alignment ribbon you can see a thickness control box that is set to two however it is read only. If you right-click on the crossed out text and select properties then go to the Appearance tab there are no options to change the line thickness. The user is wanting to increase the width of the crossed out line so that it is more visible. Does anyone know if this changing the cross out thickness can be enabled? We are running Nitro, is this something that is resolved in a future version?
  23. Is there a setting that I can apply that will open all documents from my previous session when I shut down and then re-launch Nitro Pro 11? i.e.: I have 5 documents I'm working on and then exit Nitro to re-start my computer and then open Nitro again and all 5 documents open automatically?
  24. Hi, We have Nitro Pro 9 loaded on a Win 2008R2 RDP server where users use it to review and edit PDF documents. For one particular user, the ability to rotate and save the rotation of a PDF has ceased working. All other users on the RDP can do so without issue. I have deleted her C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Nitro profile folder in an attempt to reset the Nitro profile but that didn't work. Any idea where else I might look to get this working? Thnaks Duke
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  26. I have a pdf document that I wish to turn into a form. However all the fields are greyed out on the menu. How do I do this?
  27. No, they are not using a Proxy Server. I did open a case but they closed it.
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