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  2. Reymund G.

    Reactivate a license

    Hi @PABJR, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! My apologies for the inconvenience. Looking at your Nitro Pro 12 serial number, an activation went successful a few hours ago. Are you still having the same -23 activation error message? If yes, please try re-activating your Nitro Pro 12 software again and see how it goes. To activate, open the software then go to Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activate. Kind regards,
  3. DH123

    Hidden Text Shows In Printed PDF

  4. I have no idea if this will work for you, but it looks like the Split function can preserve bookmarks: https://www.gonitro.com/user-guide/pro/article/split-pdf-pages Hopefully that works.
  5. Steven Zakulec

    Hidden Text Shows In Printed PDF

    It's a little weird, but you can do this. To get it on every page in the same spot, you first need to setup the first page's box exactly as you want it- if the text is the same on every page, you can just set the Default Value to the text you want. Once the first box is setup, click on the Make Copies button- you want the "Add to every page" option checked, and probably the "Use same field name" option. Next comes the only tricky part- you need to make a 1x1 grid. To do this, just move your mouse over the grid & click on the first box. Once this is done, you'll see (or not if you made the box invisible normally) the field copied to every page in the same place. Hope that helps! (There should be a way to do this with an actual header or footer, but that would require tracking down the equivalent JavaScript to use in your header/footer, and I'm not sure what that is).
  6. AllainU

    Nitro Pro Crash on Save

    Hello @shadragon, Thanks for this information and for you patience. In order for me to further assist you here, could you please send me a private message and provide the serial number of your user's Nitro Pro? This matters because our business installers are different from the online ones. Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
  7. Steven Zakulec

    Filling up a Form from Rom DG

    Here's the page with download links for old versions of Nitro: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/answers/Nitro Pro/000001632
  8. Steven Zakulec

    Nitro Pro tab missing from Outlook

    Here's the knowledgebase articles that should help you here: Re-installing Nitro addons: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/office addin/000002195 Forcing Nitro addons to be enabled: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/answers/Nitro Pro/000002273 Hopefully this helps out!
  9. CherylZ

    Can't print Nitro 11

    I have received an email from Nitro support with clean uninstall tool which I have run 2 times, have re-booted and continue to get the following notice when trying to uninstall. I use Nitro Pro 11 Something is blocking Nitro from proceeding No action was taken as a system reboot is required. Again, i have already re-booted several times.
  10. Hello @rmchargue, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! To further assist you with your concern, I created a support ticket on your behalf. I will wait for your response through the support case. Cheers!
  11. AllainU

    printing problems

    Hello @aua, Thank you trialing Nitro Pro and for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! In order for me to further assist you with your concern, would it be possible to provide a copy of the PDF file you are working it? Also, does your printer has the latest software / driver installed? What is the make / model of your printer? Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
  12. aua

    printing problems

    Hi guys, just downloaded the trial version. It looks really nice and I´m really thinking about quitting acrobat. But I have a problem printing. The paper print of the same document looks really worst in nitro when compared with acrobat. There are lines missing! It´s really strange. Same document, same printer, same settings... thanks
  13. Nadim

    -23 Error Again

    Hello, I have come across this -23 error again when activating Nitro Pro 11 for a client's system. I previously sent in a support ticket a few months ago and the agent did something with the serial number on the back-end and fixed the issue. I am hoping the same can be done again as I encountered this error again on a system. A brief summary of the issue: I work for my company's IT department and we have a license for Nitro Pro 11 Enterprise Desktop Edition for our users. I came across this -23 error again on a specific system and that when I go to enter the serial key to activate Nitro Pro 11 on the client's system, it is giving me error -23 saying that the maximum limit has been reached and to deactivate the license from another system using the same serial number, and I know that we haven't reached the maximum limit. Please help as it is urgent for the client to have access to Nitro Pro. Thank you.
  14. I am also having issues for one remote user attempting to save combined PDF's to a network drive over a SSL VPN connection.
  15. shadragon

    Nitro Pro Crash on Save

    Sorry for the delay. Version is The saving of a document changed with a note is intermittent. Sometimes it works, other times it fails with the quoted message above. Thanks.
  16. rxwalker54

    Create Layers

    I work with drawings, maps, and aerial photographs in PDFs. It would be nice, as found in Adobe Acrobat Pro, to be able to create layers. Right now I have to create them in Adobe, and then open them in Nitro where I have no issues with editing the layers. I just cannot create them in Nitro. Any idea if this will be added to Nitro or will I have to move to another software in the future?
  17. Leslie V.

    can i edit pdf files on my phone?

    Hello @mu34tant, Thank you for posting on our Community Forums! We do not have an app for Nitro Pro that can be downloaded and used on a phone. We recommend installing Nitro on a computer which meets the technical requirements on the page below: https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/technical-details Cheers!
  18. Hi. I am trying to figure out a way to preserve in-document links when extracting pages from an existing pdf. There does not seem to be an option to do this. Am I missing something?
  19. Kelvin V.

    Nitro Pro 11 Will Not Print Docs to pdf

    Hi @CherylZ, Thanks for posting on our Community Forums! I'll also create a ticket for you. You will hear from me again soon. Cheers!
  20. Shaf C

    Where did my account go?

    Ok I'm sure I missed some big announcement or transition for Nitro Cloud but I signed up for the service in 2016 when digital signings were free. I had a few very important documents go out for signature that were stored in my account... I now need to access those files urgently and when I came back to Nitro to get them from my account, the service plan has changed and I can't login to the previous account because it won't recognize my email so it seems my original account may not even exist any longer.. The links that were sent to me to download the signed docs when I first used the service are no longer active and I'm hitting the wall every way I go about it. Is there any possible way to access my old account or retrieve those signed docs in any way? Can someone please advise where my old account went? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  21. The last set of instructions above fixed this same problem for me. The prior steps were more like template help desk stuff that does not do any good (IMHO). I had done a full reinstall and the issue was not resolved until I followed the last set of instructions. FYI, I am under version 11.08 and these instructions fixed the issue on this version without having to pay to upgrade to 12.


    Hi Reymund Many thanks. To a novice like me following the procedure (as given in word file) was difficult but I did it. Now Nitro 11 is up. Thank you and Regards Satyajit Nath
  23. how can I edit pdf files on my phone
  24. PABJR

    Reactivate a license

    I appear to be having the error 23 issue as well. I purchased a valid 12 pro license with unlimited updates. It was activated on this machine months ago, and has been working until yesterday. Today it informed me I have X days left in my trial of nitro pro... I have the serial, purchase information, etc... I am unable to even contact Nitro directly without having purchased VIP access which is very annoying to say the least.
  25. Last week
  26. Reymund G.

    Software Hang Problem

    Hi @Syed Sajjad Haider, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! Please provide details to the following so we can further troubleshoot the issue: • What version/build of Nitro Pro are you currently using (found under, "Help > About Nitro" ex: 12.x.x.x) • Please send us a copy of the file, through private message, that causes the Nitro Pro to hang so we can take a look. • Do you know how the PDF document is created? • Are there any pattern on your workflow that causes the application to hang? Or, the issue starts right after your open the file? I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards,
  27. Hi @Reethm, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! Unfortunately, we cannot provide you any way to remove/recover the document password nor open the document without knowing the assigned password. Kind regards,
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