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  2. Barbara M

    PrimpPDF Script Error

    I'm getting the same error on all of the computers in the office. I also have a virtual server and now the primopdf dialog box doesn't open at all. Uninstall/reinstall with reboot does not fix the problem.
  3. Yesterday
  4. DavidKim

    PrimpPDF Script Error

    I'm getting the same script error messages Additionally, after clicking 'Yes' on both script errors, it eventually creates the PDF, however, it also creates a duplicate file in Text format. I tried reinstalling the PrimoPDF and rebooted the PC but that didn't fix the issue. 1st Script Error Message Line: 0 Char: 0 Error: Script error Code: 0 URL: https://script.crazyegg.com/pages/scripts/0040/0312.js?434300 2nd Script Error Message Line: 1 Char: 774 Error: Expected identifier Code: 0 URL: https://www.primopdf.com/main.801850c77ab036102dcf.js
  5. Hello @Jutyar, Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! Before continuing, I should let you know that we no longer support Nitro Pro 10 or older. It has been discontinued as documented in our Sunset Policy: https://www.gonitro.com/support/sunset-policy As a courtesy, kindly refer to this article and follow the steps in the Word Document: Once done, install Nitro Pro 10 using below offline installers: x64 http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_105914/en/burn/nitro_pro10_ba_x64.msi x32 http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_105914/en/burn/nitro_pro10_ba_x86.msi Alternatively, if you were interested in upgrading your license to Nitro Pro 12 with VIP Access (formerly Software Assurance), kindly access our Upgrade Portal https://www.gonitro.com/pro/upgrade and enter your v10 serial number. Cheers!
  6. Steven Zakulec

    Scaling problem

    Are you on the latest version of your Nitro version? There have been some bugs or issues around it, so if you can, it's helpful to be on the latest version: https://www.gonitro.com/support/downloads You could try doing a repair install: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/repair/000001641 Otherwise, you'll want to check the registry: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nitro\Pro\12\Settings\Preferences\kPreferences If none of that works, get in touch with support.
  7. Steven Zakulec

    Correcting spelling and scanning in a scanned document

    Issue 1 is almost certainly the fact that the OCR (optical character recognition- the thing that turns images of text into selectable text) didn't correctly recognize the text- the reason you don't see it in the PDF is that the OCR'd text is layered behind the image. The text behind the image is expected when you choose Searchable as your OCR option. If you want the text in front, you'll want to choose Searchable & Editable- this creates a new temporary file with the text. All of the OCR options are under File, Preferences, Conversion. Usually the defaults are good, but sometimes you might need to change the settings for a particular document. For issue 2, it could be that Nitro thinks the thing with text is an image (that also happens to contain text) and just copied it over or left it in place. Not a whole lot you can do with this, other than open a support case with Nitro and provide the problem file. Also, if you haven't updated to the latest version, go here https://www.gonitro.com/support/downloads and do so- updates do get made to improve OCR.
  8. We have an issue with Nitro Pro Ver.12 hanging/freezing and crashing while trying to save a PDF after signing the document using the Quick Sign button. I have tried to Change/Repair through Windows Control Panel and updated the version to This is happening on 2 different PC's running windows 10 and we have no found a way to save the signed PDFs yet. We can save Documents without the signatures applied.
  9. It seems like the new version of PrimoPDF is getting a script error every time it opens. I'm seeing "An error has occurred in the script on this page", Line 1, Char 774, Error: Expected identifier. I've tried clicking both Yes and No when prompted if I want to continue running scripts on this page. The error still appears each time PrimoPDF opens.
  10. JustinSwitch

    PrimpPDF Script Error

    I am also having this same exact issue! Any suggestions on a fix would be appreciated!
  11. KVM

    PrimpPDF Script Error

    Having the same problem. Started yesterday. Only a few users so far. Mix of Win7 and 10. Reinstalled primo reinstalled java. Thought it was an IE issue at first but we get the same error trying to print a word doc to primo.
  12. BkkprGal

    PrimpPDF Script Error

    I am having the same problem. I remote into my client's offices and every one of them is getting this same script error. It started yesterday. It prints fine, but the double error is a pain. Line: 1 Char: 774 Error: Unexpected Identifier Code: 0 URL: https://www.primopdf.com/main.801850c77ab036102dcf.js
  13. Hello @Ray Peltz, Thank you for providing your Nitro Pro 11 serial number. Upon checking this v11 serial number, I can see in our records you already upgraded it to Nitro Pro 12. When an upgrade happens, the older version gets deactivated on our end and users are provided with a new license to match their upgrade version. Are you still trying to install your Nitro Pro 11 on a different machine? Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
  14. I am using PrimoPDF (not nitro) and am getting the following error I can click yes or no for it (twice) and the product works fine but i would like to find out how to correct or disable the script erros. i have tried clearing cache and temp files but no luck. this is now spreading to other users so i do believe it is a setting within the program and not much i can do as admin
  15. roger118

    Product Updates

    On a similar topic, I have two licences, both of which I've been paying for product updates for two years. They're due for renewal this time of year. I haven't had an email asking me for payment which is what the online chat agent Sharon G advised should happen and she directed me here. Are you saying I didn't need to pay? If I don't need to pay can I have a full refund? If I still need to pay where's the web page I need? If you are replacing this product with the suite of which I have no interest can you tell me how to upgrade for approximately £25 that I was paying per licence before as I have no need for any of the suite that isn't already in Nitro Pro 12? If I have to upgrade to the suite can I have a full refund on my Nitro Pro 12 licences as you've changed the rules for what I'd subscribed to without notification.
  16. acfuertes

    Can't upgrade from Nitro 7 to newer version

    Hello I could buy the licenses but one of the serial numbers appears inactive and I can't activate it in any desktop although it says it has 2 activations allowed. I can provide you screenshots and serial number via direct message.
  17. Gerben

    Combine files with Nitro Pro option gone

    Dear Steven, Tried it, but the option doesn't return. Greetings Gerben
  18. Sallyfromstoke

    Pages scanned but only last one is in file.

    Hello to everyone who so kindly replied to my queerie. I have installed a download, and it seems to have solved the problem. Thank you so much for your help, advice and encouragement. With best wishes
  19. Levella

    Activate on a 2nd device.

    Gosh, that was easy. It's installed. thanks so much!
  20. Hi guys, i cannot reinstall my nitro 10 pro to my new windows 10 pro laptop. I tried several times and it shows me following error: I also downloaded the latest version Nitro Pro 10 ( 32-bit 64-bit from your site and it showed me: It would be great if you offered me a quick solution. Thanks!
  21. Catalyst Helpdesk

    Scaling problem

    I have a problem where when one user tries to select Page Scaling, Shrink to fit printable area nothing happens. Another user will try & it will work fine. They have logged out and back in but that made no difference. Is there any setting in a profile setting that could stop this and how can I clear it if so?
  22. Kelvin V.

    new install

    Hi @ByronBPK, Thanks for posting on our Community Forums! You can activate by opening Nitro, clicking on the Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activation and enter your Nitro Pro 11 serial number. I hope this helps. Please let me know how you go. Cheers!
  23. Kelvin V.

    Activate on a 2nd device.

    Hi @Levella, Thanks for posting on our Community Forums! I have made some changes on my end for you to be able to successfully activate on your new laptop. The changes I've made will not affect your previous install. Please try to activate again on your laptop using the same serial number and let me know how it works for you. Cheers!
  24. Hi @Keo, Thanks for posting on our Community Forums! Kindly direct message me or @AllainU your Nitro Pro 11 serial number so we can look into it. Cheers!
  25. Kelvin V.

    Unable to install Nitro Pro 11 to new PC

    Hi @tina_in_az, Thank you for your response! May I know the exact error message? Is it "Nitro Pro Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been moidfied. To install this program at a later time, run Setup Wizard again. Click the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard."? If yes, kindly refer to this article:
  26. Kelvin V.

    PDF Preview Issues

    Hi @gaksind, Thanks for posting on our Community Forums! Please update your copy of Nitro Pro 12 by getting the relevant installer here: https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/downloads Once updated, please try to preview the same PDF file and let me know how it goes. Cheers!
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