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    Every time i create a quick access toolbar with my favorite commands it only holds active until there is an update or something then the toolbar reverts back to Nitro default....why is this? And can i make a backup of the quick access tools i use so i don't keep loosing them?
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    @AllainU will you ever shed some light on the bugs you are fixing and the things you are developing? All my issues are unaddressed for two years without any sign of progress - don't you think that paying pro users deserve some more attention? May I quote what my so-called VIP access includes according to your web site? Benefits of VIP Access: Get Customer Support from our industry-leading product experts Receive an initial response to your support request within 24 hours or less Enjoy Nitro’s newest features, improvements, and security updates as soon as they’re available Admittedly it does not say "customer is taken seriously" or "get your bugs trackably addressed" or "expect bug solutions in less a year" - but I really do not feel worshipped as a customer ... especially not as one with VIP Access.
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    I have been a Nitro Pro user for several years now and recently purchased a new computer. I wrongly believed that all I had to do was install the trial version and enter my NP 12 code and be working. Instead I am being sent in circles to deactivate and activate and being told my serial number is no good (I have the original email to prove purchase). Now I find that I can't get support from the company unless I upgrade to a VIP. Seriously? Can I get either some help on using what I paid for or a good alternative to Nitro Pro, in which case I will never bother this company or forum again.
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    Upgraded to v13.2.6.26. Same problem. As Wayne pointed out here, right-click a file and click Print to test quickly.
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    It is now the year 2020, and it is still an issue with the most current version of Pro.
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    Thank you AllainU for your kind response. I certainly do not want to pay to get this fixed. I already have a program that has never worked. It would be stupid to double down and pay the company again when I only need it to work as advertised. As a workaround, you suggest installing an older version. You say "workaround" as in a way to get it working for now until an update will fix the problem? or do they never intend to fix the problem for current users? Thanks, Jon
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    I am getting the SAME exact problems cited by Remus and Ian. VERY slow opening of PDF files. Even tiny 24 kb PDFs take almost 30 seconds to launch program and open. Files open faster when Nitro program is already open, but leaving Nitro constantly open is NOT a solution. As Remus states, "when it opens, I can see, for a few good seconds, only the margins of the program (the toolbars), the middle being occupied by Windows's File Explorer." This has been occurring since I purchased and installed Nitro Pro 13 on Dec. 31. Completely unacceptable. Now, I am also getting the initial Error message "An error has occurred within our system. Please try again or contact support if this error persists." After clicking "OK" - I get the follow-up Error citing "(Error 401)". Have also tried to "repair" the Nitro software by uninstalling, rebooting and re-installing. Problem never went away and persists. I am running brand new Window 10 and Nitro Pro Need new version and working software ASAP.
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    Hello Ian, Unfortunately, the solution is only temporary because the error messages just keep coming back. Now, is repairing Nitro every day a real solution? I think not. I just hope the problems will be solved in the next (very soon) update. And I also hope that the Nitro engineers have already asked themselves: why so many bugs in such a short time?
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    hello. will be great if you add custom zoom when printing for example, when i will print a document set zoom 135% adobe reader pro have this feature, nitro pro is excellent, but doesn't have this
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    When will automatic updates be "turned back on?" It is extremely frustrating for the software to crash for no apparent reason and not know that there is a new update. Even if there were an announcement of the existence of an update at the downloads page, it would be much more satisfying than having to find the update myself after the software is messed up.
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    Hi, in contrast to almost every program I know, NitroPDF 13 won't close if you put your cursor into the upper right edge and click. You have to be a bit lower and aim for that button. Same is with the whole titlebar. Kind of annoying, would be nice to fix that in the future! Windows10x64 Thanks, Josh
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    I have found a partial solution to this problem (which is caused by the OCR Engine integration into Nitro Pro). Go to "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Conversion" -> "Advanced text recovery" and untick "Automatically OCR image based documents before conversion" at the bottom. Seems to work for both conversion of images as well as direct scanning into Nitro Pro but does (on my PC) cause "Not responding" error messages during the conversion process. Not an entirely satisfactory outcome, so I will be looking for a refund on this software.
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    Please tell me you are kidding? If I need to download Adobe Reader what is the purpose of Nitro Pro?
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    For a time, Nitro Pro only supported multiple files in separate tabs in a single window. Eventually they added a feature to create separate windows by dragging tabs outside of the initial Nitro Pro window, which is a step in the right direction. But I always prefer to have multiple files in separate windows, so always having to drag tabs out of a window is a chore. Could you please add an option under Preferences so that multiple PDF files always open in separate windows by default? - Simon

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