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    This has been an issue for some time, and the copy & paste comments by reps is not helping. Do you have an estimate when this will be fixed? Very tiresome.
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    Hello, I've gone through quite a few "fixes" to activate my license on a new computer, but everything has me running in circles between activation pages and license checks. I have a new computer and no access to the old computer (dead). But every time I put in my serial number, Nitro says it is invalid. Please help. Thanks. Jose
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    HI there, Is there a possibility for an option to include the audit trail as part of the completed document? Either as part of the document itself or an attachment with the completed document? Details that the signer actually received and signed the document, rather than their signature merely appearing on the completed document.
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    I am either blind or I am shocked that this very basic feature has been overlooked. If there is an option to view current document dimensions and resize them, could someone please point it out? If not, I would like to please request this very basic functionality be added. I don't mean 'crop', I mean 'resize' a document from one standard size to another (e.g. foolscape to A4). Thanks
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    @AllainU This feature is horrid (just saying that to get it out in the open) This assumes that the user wants to check out documents, and if the user does so, and is not familiar with it, it means an administration nightmare finding documents users have inadvertently "checked out" without needing to. This option needs to be 100% configurable from *inside* the preferences options of Nitro(!!) and yet it doesn't seem to be there! Alternative PDF software (Fox.t) has this option in their Preferences under "ECM Integration" where it shows the word "Sharepoint" and then offers the 3 choices .. Open Only .. Check out and Open .. or Allow you to choose when opening the document. Granted their default is the "Allow you to choose" .. but at least the user can go there, and immediately change that to OPEN ONLY if they want. The ONLY place this "forced" request for "check out and open" option belongs, is on the SERVER side of sharepoint, where even microsoft sets this option to "No" (disabled) by default so that users are *not* required to check out documents. What in gods name would possess Nitro devs and programers to think forcing this option on with no easy off button is acceptable? when even microsoft has the default as "off" why would your devs cause such a nightmare like this? *define easy off ?? well when compared to F*xit .. which has words directly recognizable by many users "Sharepoint" "open only" "checkout" "prompt every time" *that* is easy .. not so with Ntiro cause if its there.. then I'm blind.
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    I had been using Adobe Acrobat for some time and I found the zoom to selected area feature very useful. I believe it would be a very useful addition to Nitro Pro. Personally, I found it a very efficient way of zooming and focusing in certain area in a drawing.
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