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      License Activation Portal   12/21/2017

      UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we have published a License Activation Portal on our GoNitro Support page: www.gonitro.com/support Please use this tool for activation issues, such as Error -23, before logging a Support Ticket or posting on the Community Forum.  Please be aware that this License Portal is to be used only by our Online/single users, not by our Business/Enterprise customers.


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    I've found a workaround for the issue (at least for me, it worked) Right click on the Nitro shortcut Click Properties Click the Compatibility tab Put a check in the "Override high DPI scaling behavior." and select "System (Enhanced)" from the drop down box. Click OK
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    Solved by uninstalling Nitro, then going into the registry and deleting all occurrences of Nitro under the various Software folders. Reinstalled and worked right away.
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    Found a Solution that Works for Me.. Change the compatibility settings to "WINDOWS7" I too have had an issue with Nitropdf pro hanging from 5 seconds to 20 or so seconds, for a long time. appeared to overwhelm the Disk drive causing it to be at 100% usage. Also will hang up the Screen. nothing will respond. This has been the case even with versions 10.x. and Now versions 11.x I have done everything suggested, but nothing seemed to work. deleting temp files, using the cleanup program, reinstalling. But Good News... Today, I decided to Change the compatibility settings to WINDOWS7 This actually appears to have stopped all the hanging every few minutes. Even with Huge files, and Small files. My OS is Windows 7 SP1 My Current Nitro version band
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    Thank you! I was able to activate it now!
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    I have a Word docx file, the file is organized in tables so in the left side is the field name and in the right side the place to insert the value. Is it possible to Nitro PDF to auto generate a fillable pdf with all the fields (I mean auto field calculation, i have like 314 places to insert info in the docx) ? Acrobat 9 Pro is capable of do it using the Prepare Form functionality, it takes as a entry the docx file and generate the pdf fillable form with all the fields but i don't know if the same functionality is available in Nitro PDF. Thanks
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    It sounds like you might be encountering this issue from the & releases: Known issue: ‘Auto - rotate and center pages’ option in Page Scaling settings under print menu does not work as expected. The printed document will not be rotated. Workaround: Select ‘Use PDF page size to select paper source’ in Page Scaling settings. This will automatically rotate and center pages. I'm not entirely sure what else you can do besides the listed workaround (unless you downgrade to an earlier version). If you've got a support contract, you could try asking about the issue here https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket and see if there's anything that can be done.
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    I'll answer my own question! The cursor changes shape when it is near a character. If there is no outline showing around the cursor when the cursor is near some text, then it will highlight the row as the cursor is dragged along the line and down the page. If that is in the help info, I missed it!
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    I recently switched to nitro pro 11 from nuance pro do to some software compatibility issues ..Anyhow it had an awesome feature I cant seem to find in Nitro Pro 11 and was wondering if someone knows if nitro pro 11 can do it or has an add in to do it ? But in Nuance pro when you open any document it automatically will search the document for any blanks, boxes etc .. where it thinks that editable text can be inserted , IT AUTOMATICALLY CREATES TEXT BOXES .. this is most helpful when you have a scanned or saved document that has many blanks you want to be completed or filled in once the document is a pdf file ..it saves a lot of time having to go in and create the boxes by hand . Another issue I cant wrap my head around is when you do create text boxes and you save the form to latter be completed or filled out .. and you want to take a group of these completed forms and make a file ..it over rides all the individual info with what ever is last entered in " thus the boxes are linked " not sure the purpose of this .. but shouldn't the created boxes automatically have a different name each time you make one .. if I rename them like example I am creating a form for my Valve inspections ..there are about 50 of them , I record the date , inspected by person , the location , name of valve, work order number etc .. these are all blanks on the form that I want to create one master form and re use for each of the 50 sites ... what I do is fill in that info then save the individual form under the name of the valve .. once I am done with all 50 inspections , I save them in a file as one completed inspection for 2017 Spring lets say ..that way I don't have to email 50 separate sheets .. how ever as I create that file I noticed that the info is over written by what ever info was last entered .. So the last valve may have been inspected by me John doe , on 4-17-2017 , work order number 456 , at Brandon Minnesota , now all the valve reports fill in with that info ...and those fields will be different for each one ..now without making 50 separate forms with separate named text boxes how do you create one that will allow for different info for each of the 50 individual forms that will be made into one file... this also goes along with the auto complete or auto detect text boxes function I described earlier ..where as in nuance pro it automatically finds areas of the forms where you want to be able to add editable text ,and creates the boxes with different names so once the form is created , it can be reused , for all 50 sites and the info is its individual but can be saved as one file and does not over write the info you input.. I am so hoping that nitro pro 11 can do this , I want to be impressed by the software as it does other things quite well ..but this is one big hang up , that may be the difference in going back to Nuance for me ... anyhelp would be much appreciated Thanks Bill bill.butcher@nustarenergy.com
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    There's a workaround, but it's not as elegant as the Flatten PDF option. You can re-print the PDF to a new PDF with the Nitro PDF printer, and that might give you a flat PDF. To try this, go to File, Print, and choose the Nitro 11 PDF printer. Hope it works out for you!
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    Thanks Jay! Worked like a charm :- )
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    I'd like to know how to split a page vertically into two new pages
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    Perfect...you read my mind that i also needed the 64bit download. I'm up and running and thanks for the speedy response.
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    I was also conned into thinking Nitro 11 was less bug-infested and rickety than previous releases. Seems not. It's particularly inane that your suffering, paying, customers are having to invest in magnifying glasses to read the damn screen. See how truly f*cking annoying it is? Fix it, now please.
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    So, this option is really bizarrely labelled currently- to find it you go to File, Preferences, Notifications, and you'll see a line that says Product Messages. Underneath that is a checkbox and a line that says Show in-product messages. As far as I can tell, the only product message you don't see any more is the OCR notice when you uncheck that box. Hope it helps!

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