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    I just submitted yet another ticket for the freezing problem. I am really getting sick and tired of getting yelled at by my boss about this problem while Nitro is absolutely silent and won't even acknowledge the problem.
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    There's some good news for both of you- at least some of these things can be configured already, or are present but easily missed. Add zoom 'fit page' and 'fit width': You can't add these to the bottom right, but you can break them out as their own buttons on the Quick Access bar. To do this, right-click on the bar above the Home tab, and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar. Pick Home from the drop-down, and then scroll down to the 'Fit Page' and 'Fit Width'. Double click on the item you want to be added, or click on it and press Add. Keyboard shortcuts: To add (or check the keyboard shortcut for a command), again right click on the bar above the Home tab, and choose Customize Quick Access toolbar. Click on Keyboard shortcuts. Just about every command in Nitro can be assigned a shortcut, including sub-options like Temporarily Rotate View. Outside of this window, you can hover over a menu item to see it's shortcut, and if you press Alt, you'll see the current shortcut letters for all the visible items (if they have one). You can also press the indicated letter, and then the tab or item will pop up and indicate the shortcut key for that level. Rotate tool: I'm not sure how to force a different default, but you can definitely rotate all the pages at once. You can do this for the current document, or as a batch process. Under the Rotate tool, you can click on Advanced, and there's an option there to choose the page range. Under File, Batch Processing, there's an option for Rotate Pages. Hide the OCR notice: This option already exists, but is poorly named. Under File, Preferences, Notifications, you want to uncheck "Show in-product messages". Better highlighting: I'd also like this, but there's some workarounds you can use currently: If the document is made Searchable using OCR, you can then highlight anything then. Otherwise, you can approximate the highlight and other effects with shapes. If you make an appropriately sized shape, color, invisible borders, and transparency (and then go to Properties, and Set as Default), you've got pseudo-highlights. Hope this helps!
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    I can't even submit another ticket because on any and every browser I try, once I click submit ticket it just hangs and hangs and hangs without ever submitting. This is getting very ridiculous.
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    BobFolans make sure that the name of the text field isn’t the same. All fields with the same Name will show the same value. This happens when you copy/past a field yourself (using mouse right click or Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) instead of copy/pasting through Form Tools -> Properties -> Make Copies tool to make copies of a text field.
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    Thank you so much Mario K. Now its working. You are the best.
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    appreciated @ Mario i will advice our company about this. thanks again and have a good day!
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    Thank you! You're correct ! I found that System is on C:\Windows\Fonts\. Any fonts installed into (or removed from) that Windows director. Standard can't change. Thanks again!
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    Nevermind- the option to restore defaults worked without destroying my custom stamps or signatures.
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    You can absolutely change all of these things. There's two places you'll want to check- in Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Outlook if you plan to use the Nitro Office plugin to convert documents, and the Nitro 11 PDF printer preferences (for whenever you are printing to PDF). For the Office plugin, go to the Nitro Pro tab in the Office program. You'll want to uncheck "Prompt for filename". To change the paper size, turn off prompt for filename, and anything else for the Nitro PDF Printer, you'll want to go to Control Panel, Devices and Printers, and right click on Nitro PDF Creator (Pro 11). Choose "Printer Preferences". Prompt for filename is on the first tab, Default page size is on the second tab Pages. There's Custom Forms if you need a paper size not listed there. Hope that helps!
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    On Nov 21 I submitted a ticket # 00151534 because my Nitro 10 license was invalidated by a Windows 10 Update. This is the 2nd occurrence in 90 days. I have not received a response (or a reset) despite a follow up, so my trial license has now expired and I cannot use my purchased NitroPro 10. Can I get a reset please. Let me know if you need more information. That is my urgent issue and I would very much appreciate your help. Less urgent questions: 1. I do not have "assurance", so is this forum now the best (only?) way to request a reset. The response to my ticket indicated I would get Nitro technical help "as time permits" but with a 14 day limit on the trial when the license deauthorizes, hopefully time will permit so that we can continue to use our paid for products. 2 I believe that some of the issue with my Nitro's frequent activation problem may be that at the last Windows 10 Fall Creator Update I signed up for the Insider Preview....which has more frequent updates. Should I discontinue that? Will there continue to be issues whenever Windows 10 has a major update on the same computer. This would seem create a less than ideal experience both for the customer, and for Nitro Support who would have to frequently reset hundreds of activations. Thanks for your help on this. I really rely on the program, but had hoped that purchasing it would provide a solution that does not require me to pay for annual assurance support in addition to the initial program cost. George Roch
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    I'm having exactly the same issue, with the product becoming deactivated spontaneously after a Windows update (second time this has occurred in the space of a year). My support ticket was 00151949 before it was closed without a proper response other than redirecting me to Cleverbridge, which then helpfully redirects me back to the nitro support page, and now I only have a few days left of the enforced "trial" before the product will become unusable for me. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
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    Thank you very much for your help. You fixed it. I understand how expensive and time consuming it must be to provide un-time restricted support to customers who do not subscribe to it. However, if a recebt existing product develops a technical glitch the 1st couple of years that can make it unusable, I do not think you have the option of holding their software purchase hostage to a future subscription. It sounds like Nalpeiron Deactivator may well solve these issues. Great. but perhaps you should wait to discontinue email support until it is up and running. Anyway, thanks. You fixed it.
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    Hi Phibo, I have got the solution from Nitro and it worked 100% so the Notro Pro 11 is now working Below I will paste the answer and solution....succes and let me know if your problem is solved. Regards fron The Netherlands, Nicolaas ANSWER and solution here below: What might be causing the program to crash is a stackKey called LavasoftTcpService. This file is installed within your system when you download adware programs. Although this has been frustrating, this does not have to do with Nitro. It is only affecting the program. To clear up this issue, so that you can open the program, Microsoft suggests removing the LavasoftService. Please run the free tool I have provided below, and once it has completed removing the adware on your system, retry opening Nitro, and activating the program with the serial key I gave you: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/
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    I need a license reset after a series of Windows updates. Also, there is no way for people without software assurance to even submit a support ticket now? And there is no clear way to re-up one's software assurance even if one wanted to so after one year everyone is just out of luck for support unless they post in this forum? Nitro is a good product - and the employees in support are great - but the lack of resources and hassle for customers built into the current support department is disappointing...
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    Thanks for the tip about PDFSam. I just bought it because I am tired of putting up with Nitro Pro's inept and useless program!
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    I have had the same problem, unable to use nitro after a windows update. Submitted a ticket a few days ago to no response. Please help?
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    I have the same issue. I had a valid Nitro Pro 10 license and still have the proof of purchase and can't get a hold of anyone in support that can help me resolve this issue.
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    My Nitro app went back to trial version after Windows 10 update. The current serial number is no longer working. I have filed 2 tickets requesting for support from Nitro but have yet to hear back from them. Can anyone who are experiencing the same problem assist with this please. Thank you regards Penny
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    My company will probably have to switch due to all these issues, everyone is pissed especially my boss. PDFSam seems to be pretty good, I bought it when I temporarily couldn't reinstall Nitro, but now use it on my personal computer.
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    I have been working with Nitro. I have performed a fresh installation with and without "Bitdefender" enabled. The result is the same. I am finding it doesn't even work for a day or two anymore, it is slow out of the box. Opening a PDF takes a long time and if I click the print icon I can go and make a cup of coffee (exaggeration). In my opinion, this is related to the Fall Update.
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    Same here with NitroPro 10.after the Fall Creators Update. We can't even see the open nitropdf window, it's active on the task bar, but not usable. It's also so slow... Have tried to lodge a ticket but after clicking Submit, I just get a spinning wheel. Tried to submit on a Win 10 PC with Firefox and Chrome, plus a Mac on Chrome. That's one way to reduce tickets
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    Laura, this is a big workflow issue for a lot of us. I need a commitment from Nitro on when this will be fixed. When something is broken we need to provide an ETA for the resolution. This issue seemed to have gone ignored for quite some time and you missed getting it into the most recent release that came out on September 27. Please be a more transparent and give us a date so we can advise our users. Help us support you.

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