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    Just installed the Feb 13th update and it seems to have corrected the problem with the spell checK! Hopefully it will hold! Works like a champ now...
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    Did you try this as a custom format script instead of a validation script? If you try to do this as a validation script, event.value doesn't appear to be valid- which is weird, because there's no reason it shouldn't be. On the other hand, this works as a custom format script. If it were a validation script, you wouldn't need any line past the first- since it's not, you need to manage the formatting of the text since your format type is set as Custom, and that's what the last two lines manage.
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    Hello, please add an option to the settings of Nitro Pro, that allows you to configure that a pdf is: a) always opened in a new tab or b) always opened in a new window Thx!
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    Nitro Pro could improve productivity if it allows its user to view PDFs in multiple pages. Something similar to the MS Word zoom level function. This would be helpful for those who use widescreen monitors to view multiple PDF pages at the same time.
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    Found it (at least for my freshly installed Windows 10 on a 64bit laptop). You need to have administrator rights and enable hidden files view. See https://www.wintips.org/how-to-access-windowsapps-folder-windows-10-8/ This did the trick: Part 1.How to gain Read Only Access rights to 'C:\Program Files\WindowsApps' folder. After this the installation of Nitro Pro 11 worked. didn't need Part 2. How to gain Full Access rights to 'C:\Program Files\WindowsApps' folder using the command prompt. Good luck
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    That seems extreme for trying to renew a subscription, but if that's my only choice....
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    Is there a way to efficiently extract a document with 50 pages? I get files with 50 invoices and I have to extract them one at a time and rename them (that part I don't mind).
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    It would be very helpful to have "optimize PDF" as a batch processing option.
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    I wholeheartedly concur that Batch Optimize would be much appreciated, and would also suggest that when I click 'Optimize PDF' that it, wait for it, optimizes the PDF. It's frustrating that (deep breath) the button creates a new file but does not close the old one then initiates 7-step process to do what the button says, which should really be just the one step. It'd be much preferable to have the program do what the button says, not some roundabout, convoluted way of creating a smaller file. The above process would better be incorporated into the 'Save As' interface or thereabouts. Please let me click the Optimize button and have it optimize; I have to do this with every scan in my office. Also Batch OCR would be helpful too.
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    Hello Can you consider introducing this feature. A work college should me how to do it in Adobe DC [Pro I think] and it was great. Some minor editing afterwards but it certainly beat applying this feature manually in Nitro Pro. Can you provide feedback please. Thanks ALF
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    I've already deactivated, removed Nitro Pro 10, all folders in appdata, reinstalled and re-activated, still the program crashes. After that, all that was left for me was to put on my mud shoes and go into the windows registry and start deleting everything NitroPDF related. Hours go by and finally I've cleared the registry of all the NitroPDF settings. Now I've reinstalled it again and voila the program works again. So what did we learn from this? We still have no idea why this was caused! So I'd like to say no thank you to the developers and the support of NitroPDF since in the whole month of time I didn't receive a simple tip or a direction where to go or how to solve my problem. Best regards, Piskr
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    Hello and thanks for any help, I've recently bought an license for the upcoming Nitro Pro 12, but this caused my Nitro 10 to stop working correctly. When I want to edit any pdf in any way my Nitro Pro 10 crashes, look at provided screenshot. Crash screenshot Please help and thank you in advance! Best regards, Domen Kosmac
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    Please would you provide a means of quickly and easily converting forms that are created in Word (without all the form fields etc - just spaces for filling in info) into PDF Forms. This would create a much easier and quicker means of generating those forms. For example - I have a form that contains around 75 Form Fields. It will take me at least 4 hours to create that form using the current NitroPDF 11. If this were automated, it would also eliminate duplication of field names etc... [Adobe Acrobat does this!! ]
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    When will Nitro upgrade to automatic form detection when trying to create forms, so we don't have to insert all of the form fields manually. Some of my forms are multiple pages and if I have to update them, then I have to reinsert all of the form fields. When I had Adobe, this was not a problem.
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    Any update on this yet? Most of our organization enjoyed their demo with Nitro, however we have a couple of departments that rely on this feature of Acrobat a frequently. Thanks.

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