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    Hi Alex, I would like to support Rene on this behalf. Since a while the auto-turning function of landscape pages within a multi-format document doesn't work when printing. I know that this was already working in past ... At the moment this is very anoying us. We have a lot of big multi-format pdf documents to print, where portrait and landscape pages a merged together. Now we have to search the document for any landscape pages to print them separately. And this is a high time consumption process if you have documents of about 150 to 200 pages. My current version is: Nitro Pro So please give that issue a higher priority to fix! Cheers Joerg
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    For the default page view settings, I would like to have the Thumbnails window open by default. It would also be nice if the width of the Thumbnails window would default to either a certain specified width or to the most recent width set by the user.
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    This isn't a resolution to the problem and Nitro Pro should be embarrassed that they put their staff in a position where they cant provide a resolution, or even a potential date for resolution, for a problem that was created by their software update. This is causing users lost productivity (I sure Nitro remembers that strange group of people, you know, customers, those people & organisations who pay your bills and make you profitable) - like others I have been using Nitro Pro for some time and don't want to use Adobe, but the impact of this error on productivity (and printing costs) may mean I will be forced to Adobe
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    I've been using NitroPDF for years and recently installed it on my new 13" HP envy. Although I don't remember it when I first started using Nitro on this computer, in the past couple of days, I noticed that at the top of the print dialog box I get a notification: "before you print...consider these easy-to-use features...". It seems to cause the font size of the entire print dialog box to become so small that I can't read it. I've altered the display resolution for other programs to correct this problem but the print dialog box in other programs doesn't have this issue. Is there anything I can do to correct this so I can read the print dialog box in Nitro?
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    Hi, It use to work, but for a long time, but now any page that is in landscape will not be printed correctly. I have multipages and a few of them are in landscape, the printer will only print in horisontal, this have been an issue for some time, but in earlier versions I did not have this problem.
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    I've found a workaround for the issue (at least for me, it worked) Right click on the Nitro shortcut Click Properties Click the Compatibility tab Put a check in the "Override high DPI scaling behavior." and select "System (Enhanced)" from the drop down box. Click OK
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    Please would you provide a means of quickly and easily converting forms that are created in Word (without all the form fields etc - just spaces for filling in info) into PDF Forms. This would create a much easier and quicker means of generating those forms. For example - I have a form that contains around 75 Form Fields. It will take me at least 4 hours to create that form using the current NitroPDF 11. If this were automated, it would also eliminate duplication of field names etc... [Adobe Acrobat does this!! ]
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    Solved by uninstalling Nitro, then going into the registry and deleting all occurrences of Nitro under the various Software folders. Reinstalled and worked right away.
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    Agree. "Before You Print" options are useless. Fix something that needs fixing instead of these arcane "improvements."
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    I'm not sure how you can bypass or remove the dialogue, but you can use the Batch Print (File, Batch Print) option to get a different print window that doesn't show that dialogue. You could add Batch Print to the Quick Access Toolbar (right click on the Home tab, choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar, and choose Batch Print from the File menu).
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    I do division this way, in the form that i use I have 2 fields one called "ounces" and one called "pounds" and I put this in the custom calculation script box. 1// Obtain the value from the first field 2 var v1 = getField("Ounces").value; 3 // Obtain the value from the second field 4 var v2 = getField("Pounds").value; 5 // Set this field value equal to the difference 6 event.value = v1 / v2; it pulls the value out of the ounces field "v1" and then the value from the pounds field "v2" and then divides them and returns the result. Hope that helps, Mark
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    Just upgraded to version 11 and when i print a pdf it does not automatically switch the page orientation to match the viewed copy. If I have a landscape view it still prints as portrait and vice versa. How do I fix this without having to change the printer properties each time?
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    This is a huge problem with us too. Is there a fix in the works? I'm about ready to go back to version 9 or 10.
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    When you go to the Print menu, "Print Current View" is in the dropdown menu under Copies. The default text there is "Print All Pages"- click on that, and one of the options is "Print Current View". There is not an option in Nitro to print grayscale- you would need to go to the printer properties link underneath the printer name, and select it from there. If your printer doesn't offer that option, then you're unfortunately not able to do grayscale printing. Hope that helps a little.
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    Here's the link: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket
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    Hi DanielB, That worked perfectly, thanks for your contribution brother!!! I was headed to wal mart to buy a bigger magnifying glass, you saved me five bucks! Love you man!
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    I was also conned into thinking Nitro 11 was less bug-infested and rickety than previous releases. Seems not. It's particularly inane that your suffering, paying, customers are having to invest in magnifying glasses to read the damn screen. See how truly f*cking annoying it is? Fix it, now please.
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    i'd like a highlighter tool similar to the one in Windows 10 Snipping Tool
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    I have a brand spankin new MSI Infiniti X 8700K (5.0Ghz), plenty of 3000Mhz ram, 1070 gamers card and a optane boot drive. My OS reboots in 3 seconds flat.-yes I clocked it, for now, it's 3 seconds flat. Firefox opens in less than 3 seconds, the gimp takes a few more, Tom Clancy's Wildlands takes about 10-15 seconds what with all the clicking I gotta do....NitroPRO? over 45 seconds to open whether I click on a pdf or use the dam shortcut. Sorry, been a customer fer a while now and the price is right, the app usually does what I need it to do with no issues but 45 seconds to open? On my rig? It's fairly ridiculous. Then, thinking that maybe Nitro had some answer for this problem on Windows 10 creator's update only - so since what early October and nothings been done yet? I was going to upgrade my version (I have pro 9) because it's been a while and I figured New system, new OS (windows 10) why not upgrade all my software to the Windows 10 equivalent anyways, right? Well, this here is a good reason why not. I edit PDF's rarely and create PDF's never. It's just not worth the frustration of spending the kind of money that I have spent on this system only to have to wait almost a full minute for an application to open. Goodbye, so long adios, Tchau or however else yah wanna say it. Good luck keeping customers if you can't release updates faster than this. --before I go, I just want to say to anyone who reads this in the future-the program has been stable, fast and does what it says it does up to this point. I am sure Nitropro will fix this problem (or Microsoft or whoever) but it isn't happening fast enough for me!
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    I make my living with NitroPro (v. 11) and am suffering from this slowdown. I'm using a substitute pdf editor (trial version) and don't have many days left on my trial time. Please get this fixed.
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    It would seem to me that Nitro are simply waiting for Microsoft to fix the problem, when according to what I read, the likely source of the problem lays in the poor manner of programming the application, which has been highlighted by the update. My productivity with PDF content management has dropped to an all-time low and I will shortly start looking for an alternative product.
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    I think I'm done persevering with Nitro. The product used to be great, but all these little issues keep adding up, and the lack of response from support is really the last straw. A PDF program that constantly freezes, has issues with standard fonts and resets custom settings to default without rhyme or reason just isn't worth the money. These are all problems being experienced by many different users, in different work environments, and probably, different countries. Therefore these issues are surely with the product, not the end user. It's really a shame that I'm now looking at a different PDF provider, because I used to tell anyone who would listen how great Nitro was. Now I tell them to avoid it like the plague.
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    Any update on this yet? Most of our organization enjoyed their demo with Nitro, however we have a couple of departments that rely on this feature of Acrobat a frequently. Thanks.
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    Hi all! My company is considering starting to use Nitro Cloud for signatures for contracts. We've done some testing and really like the user interface/experience, except for one thing... When a person who does not have a Nitro Cloud account signs a document (and we LOVE that they don't have to create an account in order to do this!), their icon shows up as the default icon for Nitro Cloud accounts. This would be fine, except that default is the Nitro Cloud logo (not initials like in this forum, or the Nitro Logo, etc.). As you can see below, this logo is a cute little animal wearing goggles. I don't know how the rest of you use the signing feature on Nitro Cloud, but for our business purposes, this icon really does not work for us. We're already taking a bit of a leap asking our clients to sign electronically, and the more professional/business-like we can make the experience, the more likely they are to go along with it. I would like to request that the default user icon be changed to something more neutral, or not be displayed in emails that our clients would see.
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    This is pretty standard among companies that provide a web app - my company and most all tools I use included. It's super annoying to search "Nitro Cloud" in google, click the first search result (taking me to the marketing website) and not have the ability to log into the app from there. Your log in button should be right at the top right of the webpage for your online users - look at zendesk, amazon, google, salesforce, etcetera.. Right now the marketing website is a dead end for users...bear with me here, but this is the best metaphor I can think of: it would be like me walking in the front entrance of a gym I am a member of, only to be told to sit down in the waiting room to look at all the pretty workout booklets the gym carries. I came here to work out, so let me in to use the machines taht you are advertising to me...don't tell me I need to enter the gym via some unlisted side entrance in order to use those machines I pay a monthly membership to access. The place where this metaphor breaks down is in the "telling" part - no one is telling me on your website that as a member I have to use a different entrance...I had to find that out for myself after a frustrating 15 minutes of saying "how the heck does this work?"

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