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    For the default page view settings, I would like to have the Thumbnails window open by default. It would also be nice if the width of the Thumbnails window would default to either a certain specified width or to the most recent width set by the user.
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    I did run Nitro Pro in the full screen mode, but on a 15.6 inch laptop, it made no difference. The "Print" button is still off the screen. I believe, like everyone here, that the Print button is so important that it should be moved closer to the top of the screen. There seems to be some dead space in the area of where the printer drop down (printer selection) is located. Regards, Al Schoen
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    It would be very helpful to have "optimize PDF" as a batch processing option.
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    The user had 12.4.0259 I believe. I found a workaround that will work for us. Instead of making a stamp I made a signature with a transparent background check mark. I added it as a signature and now they can just use the signature tool as a check mark. It works really well and leaves behind only the check mark with a transparent background.
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    Here is my AutoHotkey script that provides a workaround to the "before you print" nonsense. Some additional improvements to function keys are also provided here. In most installations, you would need to change "Send ^+p" to "Send ^p". ; ---------------------------- ; Nitro Pro ; ---------------------------- #IfWinActive ahk_exe NitroPDF.exe ; The following commands swap the CTRL-O and CTRL-SHIFT-O functions, ; so that CTRL-O provides a standard "File open" dialog window. ^o::Send ^+o ; CTRL-O = Open document ^+o::Send ^o ; CTRL-SHIFT-O = Open recent document ^p:: ; CTRL-P = Print ; This routine focuses Nitro Pro on the "Print" button in the print dialog. ; The user may then either press the ENTER key or click the left mouse button to print. printButton = Button10 ; This is Nitro's control name for the print button. It might change in future versions of Nitro. SoundBeep, 1000, 40 ; Play a short sound to confirm that the user has pressed CTRL-P. Send ^+p ; Activate print dialog. This can be changed to whatever hotkey Nitro Pro uses to print. Sleep, 1200 ControlGetPos, x, y, w, h, ScrollBar1 ; Get the position and dimensions of the scrollbar in the print dialog. MouseMove, % x+w/2-3, % y+h-45 ; Move to bottom of scrollbar. Sleep, 200 Click ; Navigate to bottom of print dialog window. ControlFocus, %printButton% ; Focus on "Print" button. This enables ENTER to activate printing. ControlGetPos, x, y, w, h, %printButton% ; Get the position and dimensions of the print button. MouseMove, % x+w/2, % y+h/2 ; Move cursor to the middle of the "Print" button. This enables a left mouse click to activate printing. Return F2::SendEvent ^{F1} ; F2 = Toggle the menu ribbon. F3::Send ^{F2} ; F3 = Hand F10:: ; F10 = Add comment (note) SendEvent !r Sleep, 300 SendEvent n Return F12::Send ^+s ; F12 = Save as #IfWinActive ; end NitroPDF block
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    Hello @AllainU "Fully opening the program" might be helpful on big desktop screens. But I am working always on 13 inch laptop and there the need for scrolling is really annoying. Please don't assume we are stupid users who fail to maximize screen. I completely agree to Rober L. A simple change could really improve situation. This is situation for me - and I think: for many others: Kind regards Jürgen
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    I agree with Jurgen. I had reported this issue a while ago and, after upgrading to version 12, I see that the issue remains. I go to the print screen, most of the time, to simply press "Print". Where it is located means that I always have to scroll to find it. It would seem reasonable that the button and maybe the "Print Options" link should be at the top. Thanks, Al Schoen alschoen@hotmail.com
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    Yes it's very time consuming, always scrolling down to hit the print button, the print button should be on the top left corner somewhere,
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    Yes, I agree with Jurgen. The print button needs to be moved up so that I don't have to scroll down to select print.
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    For a time, Nitro Pro only supported multiple files in separate tabs in a single window. Eventually they added a feature to create separate windows by dragging tabs outside of the initial Nitro Pro window, which is a step in the right direction. But I always prefer to have multiple files in separate windows, so always having to drag tabs out of a window is a chore. Could you please add an option under Preferences so that multiple PDF files always open in separate windows by default? - Simon
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    Please would you provide a means of quickly and easily converting forms that are created in Word (without all the form fields etc - just spaces for filling in info) into PDF Forms. This would create a much easier and quicker means of generating those forms. For example - I have a form that contains around 75 Form Fields. It will take me at least 4 hours to create that form using the current NitroPDF 11. If this were automated, it would also eliminate duplication of field names etc... [Adobe Acrobat does this!! ]
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    every time i open nitro pro i get a white welcome screen. How can i avoid this
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    Nitro Pro could improve productivity if it allows its user to view PDFs in multiple pages. Something similar to the MS Word zoom level function. This would be helpful for those who use widescreen monitors to view multiple PDF pages at the same time.
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    I've got the same problem.. It wasn't always like this but has been so for awhile. I just don't have time to maneuver the complicated user account sign-in community forum to report it. I have been using an old Brother MFC-7820N for 11 years.. Been working great until I broke the hinge on the ADF recently.. Just setup a new HP Color LJ Pro M281fpw and it has the same exact problem.. I hit the "PDF From Scanner" button from Nitro's PDF menu and I get a poor quality scan.. I create a profile with the exact same scan settings as the default and it works fine. I get a nice quality scan but I have to open the PDF menu and choose the profile every time.. This is too time consuming. I would like to know how to adjust the default scan profile settings.. 99% of the scanning I do is grayscale, 300dpi so I need to set the default scan to do this.. This wasn't a problem in earlier version of Nitro Pro but since upgrading to 11 or since the interface was changed to resemble a Microsoft Office ribbon bar it's been a pain in the butt to use for scanning. Where do I change the settings for the default scan profile? If I can't fix this I'm going to search for alternate software for scanning. I've been a Nitro Pro user for 15 years. I've uninstalled and reinstalled NitroPro and it doesn't address the problem. Nitro Bryan
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    Allain's advice was to launch NitroPDF.exe with a compatibility setting to override default high DPI scaling. That did the trick. All PDF text now renders without pixelation/fuzziness. Thus, ClearType isn't even needed - which is good because NitroPDF doesn't utilize it. The specific steps he provided are: 1. Right-click Nitro Pro desktop shortcut or the NitroPDF.exe (by default is installed in C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro\12) then select Properties 2. Nitro Pro Properties window will open, click on Compatibility tab 3. Under Settings, click on Change high DPI settings. 4. Another Nitro Pro Properties window will open. 5. Enable Override high DPI scaling behavior. 6. OK > OK to save the setting and test Nitro Pro again.
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    I just upgraded to Nitro 12 and a document I was working on for hours.. just crashed. First time using 12 properly since I upgraded. Haven't they fixed this problem yet? AND is there a temp file where it continuously saves on to my computer as the last save I have is over an hour ago.
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    When printing from Adobe Acrobat there is a custom scale option we use to print A1 documents on A3 paper, we simply set it to 50% and everything prints as it should. With Nitro our only option is expand/fill to printable area which doesn't scale the plot correctly. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there besides us that require properly scaled prints? Are there any plans to add this as a print scaling option? Very basic and very useful, also available in pretty much all softwares that manage drawings in one way or another.
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    Hello, I'm switching PCs and experiencing trouble when dowloading using this link: https://community.gonitro.com/topic/4406-install-failing-nitro-pro-11-on-surface-pro/ Also tried these steps 1. Clear the Temp folder. 2. Use the clean-up utility and/or the Microsoft FixIt tool. 3. Reboot the machine. 4. Manually check for left over registries from Nitro Pro. 5. Use the installer below: Nitro Pro Direct Installer as well as this http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/install fail/000003265 Nothing seems to work! Please help!
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    I have some overlapped components and I'm wondering how to send back or front during editing. Any ideas?
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    We have four laptops in my department that use Nitro Pro v 11 and all do the same thing. It is very frustrating and I am about to ask our IT group to find another pdf application. This needs to be addressed.
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    Hello and thanks for any help, I've recently bought an license for the upcoming Nitro Pro 12, but this caused my Nitro 10 to stop working correctly. When I want to edit any pdf in any way my Nitro Pro 10 crashes, look at provided screenshot. Crash screenshot Please help and thank you in advance! Best regards, Domen Kosmac
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    Agree. "Before You Print" options are useless. Fix something that needs fixing instead of these arcane "improvements."
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    I think I'm done persevering with Nitro. The product used to be great, but all these little issues keep adding up, and the lack of response from support is really the last straw. A PDF program that constantly freezes, has issues with standard fonts and resets custom settings to default without rhyme or reason just isn't worth the money. These are all problems being experienced by many different users, in different work environments, and probably, different countries. Therefore these issues are surely with the product, not the end user. It's really a shame that I'm now looking at a different PDF provider, because I used to tell anyone who would listen how great Nitro was. Now I tell them to avoid it like the plague.
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    When will Nitro upgrade to automatic form detection when trying to create forms, so we don't have to insert all of the form fields manually. Some of my forms are multiple pages and if I have to update them, then I have to reinsert all of the form fields. When I had Adobe, this was not a problem.

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