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    Dear All, I have a problem with the installation of NITRO PRO 11. I have an enterprise multi-license. Today I tried to install Nitro Pro 11 on a new Windows 10 64bit PC. The installation was successful, but when I tried to start the application this error appear: "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)" and Nitro doesn't start. Since I had an old installer, I downloaded it again from the Nitro website, but the error still appears. Thanks to those who will give me a hand! Marisa
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    Hi there, I used to use DocuSign to get customer signature for paperwork that need to be submitted to city government for approval. DocSign provided this certificate of completion together with the time stamp on the signed document. Now that I switched to Nitro Cloud to collect customer's signature, I can only find the 'audit trail' of the document, but cannot find anything that is similar to the certificate of completion in DocuSign. Is such thing exist in Nitro Cloud? How can I proof the digital authentication of the signature with Nitro Cloud? Thank you! Joy
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    I'm wondering if anyone has ever gotten a fix for this issue? It is the most annoying thing ever! This issue and the "close all tabs" question going away has made me really dislike using this product. My whole office uses it and it makes our work day a little bit harder. We have version
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    I have Nitro Pro 12 installed since 2018 Serial Number:234600-xxxxx-xxxxx I am trying to get signature on document, that I could get one. But, then I want to have signature certificate, that I cannot find. On PDF document, I could not find signature pan. Please advice, how do I get signature certificate of signed document. thanks nayan mehta < Phone Number >
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    Why upgrade to Nitro 13 if 12 is not working. I have uninstalled reinstalled this too often to mention is there a fix to keep Nitro from crashing? I could really use some suggestions. It seems to be getting worse. I view edit and create PDF through out every day. If i cant get this to work i going to have to move on to a different product.
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    Has this been fixed yet? All modern software needs to update automatically.
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