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    Awesome, this worked!! Thank you very, very much--an easy work around! Kind regards, L.
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    Sorry, I give up. Your customer service is hopeless. I will be going somewhere else. You might want to try getting a telephone number.
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    I didn't see any language indicating so. If this piece of (tongue in cheek) software is supposed to be a productivity tool you have created the world's all time failure. Nothing but a consumer of all possible productive time that is spent attempting to obtain a productive nano-second from this piece of crap application. I have had this junk for four months and, to my amazement, every day it continues to surpass it's previous failures, to perform beyond even a "zeta" test level. Junk, junk, junk!!! I want my $$$ returned. This is NOT a product ready for market. CRASH, CRASH, CRASH!!! I'm shelling out for the real deal. NO one who truly must be productive can afford this, I don't know what to call it, at ANY cut rate price if you must have productivity! You will spend all your potentially productive time sending crash reports with Noooo response, not even a "we received it.", and idiot responses to "I've tried it on 10 different computers/operating systems and the SAME crashes occur!!" ... "Uh, well, was the computers plugged in." You people are Criminals!!! There should be a class action lawsuit. Just quit making all your freakin' excuses and fix this piece of crap, if possible! Nitro Pro Win7 Home Prem 8GB
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    i gave up and reinstalled the last version that works.
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    Yes please, automatic form field detection is a fundamental feature that Nitro Pro should have. Automatic form generation was one of the primary PDF functions that I frequently used when I still had access to Adobe Acrobat Pro. I purchased Nitro Pro as a lower cost option, but I was disappointed to find out that it's missing this critical feature.
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    I appreciate the input. The identical problem manifests itself on two PCs running the current version of Windows 10. Highly unlikely that RAM would be bad in both machines BIOS and drivers are all up to date. I'm tired of dealing with the software. Every time an update of version 12 comes out, I hope against hope that the problem is fixed. However, in every update the exact same problem appears. The only version of Nitro Pro 12 that works is the original release. Literally every update since then manifests the exact same problem. I've wasted incredible amounts of time trying to get to the bottom of this problem So I'm pretty much done here.
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    Allain, Just figured out the fix. You have to go into each of the office programs and look at the "Add-ins" under the "Options" menu. There select Nitro, which is "inactive", make sure "Com Add-ins" is selected next to "Manage" and click on "Go". In that menu, check Nitro and click "OK". Do the same for the other Office programs and Nitro shows up in the ribbon!
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    Saving files always defaults to the previous folder saved. I work - like most - in several different folders and expect that the software will know where I am working. For instance: 1) in File Explorer if I want to merge several files, I right click and select Combine Files with Nitro Pro. When I save it wants to save in the last folder that I was using, not the folder where the files were located. 2) in File Explorer if I want to edit a PDF, I right click and select Edit in Nitro Pro. When I choose Save As instead of using the folder that the file is actually in, it goes to the folder that was previously used. This happens whether or not the program is activated from File Explorer or opened by clicking on the icon. All the other software that I use defaults to the folder the file opened is in, not the previous file's folder.
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    If I'm understanding your request, I think what I describe below might work. It's not an official feature, but you can get rather close by making a new QuickSign signature from whatever the thing is that you want to be transparent. You'll use that "signature" as a stamp on the page and it should be transparent everywhere except where there's the actual object.
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    Spell Check doesnt work anymore. If you right click on a misspelled word, it just shows blanks in the location it should show word choices, or it causes the app to crash
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    I am so frustrated with this product. First I can't print my Serpentine Font. I had to install Nitro Pro 10 print driver. I can't seem to print a web page to a PDF. Now I am trying to scan 20 pages and after the scan Nitro fails to create a PDF. What good is this new version. How do I get it fixed?
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    My Nitro keeps crashing when filling out IRS forms. It also randomly places numbers and text in multiple fields. I keep having to save my document after each entry which makes this process take forever. I've been working on my taxes for three days. This is ridiculous!
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    1) Nitro continually looses connection with my scanner. HP OfficePro 8720. I have to shut down Nitro and restart in order to scan. 2) When I finish a scan it scan it asks if the Scan is Complete or I want to scan a second page. If I click on Scan a Second page - it looses the first scan and only the second page shows up. 3) Why is the print button at the bottom? Every time I want to print a PFD I have to page scroll down to get to the print button. (*&^R%^&*()(*&^%^&*()(*&^% asinine waste of time!! Worst piece of garbage I have ever seen!
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    I want to express - in the the strongest possible words - how unsatisfactory the Nitro update process is: Somewhere the version 12.6 is the "latest" other places the latest is listed as: In either case there are no clear instructions *how* to update. And lastly the fact that there is no *automatic* check in your software is unacceptable in any product that is sold for (significant) money after 2010... Please add in-software check for updates (via HTTPS, with certificate checking and OCSP) to the top priority in terms of features needed.
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    According to the release notes, this is the latest version. How do we download it? It is not listed as the latest version on the website. Thanks!
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    Please add a feature to automate the creation of forms from an existing PDF (scanned or PDF converted from Word or Excel). Adobe Acrobat Pro has had this feature for many years. https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/convert-word-excel-paper-pdf-forms.html?set=acrobat--fundamentals--pdf-forms Once the fields are generated automatically, the user can adjust and edit them as needed. I have a form that contains nearly 200 fields and it would be unnecessarily time consuming for me to convert it to a form in Nitro Pro. Thank you!
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    Depending on if you want to remove just the signature itself, or the signature field, there's a different way for each. In Nitro 10, when you have a PDF with digital signatures, you'll see a pen icon on the far right below the bookmark icon. Click on that. You'll then see a list with all the digital signature blocks, and then below that, all of the actual signatures. You should be able to right click on any of the actual digital signatures and choose Clear Signature Field. To remove the box itself, clear the signature, then use Forms, Edit All Fields, and select your digital signature field. You can then delete the field. Hopefully this helps.
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    I just upgraded to Nitro 12 and a document I was working on for hours.. just crashed. First time using 12 properly since I upgraded. Haven't they fixed this problem yet? AND is there a temp file where it continuously saves on to my computer as the last save I have is over an hour ago.
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    It would be very helpful to have "optimize PDF" as a batch processing option.
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    Please implement this. It helps enormously to view different pages of the same document simultaneously.
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    For a time, Nitro Pro only supported multiple files in separate tabs in a single window. Eventually they added a feature to create separate windows by dragging tabs outside of the initial Nitro Pro window, which is a step in the right direction. But I always prefer to have multiple files in separate windows, so always having to drag tabs out of a window is a chore. Could you please add an option under Preferences so that multiple PDF files always open in separate windows by default? - Simon

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