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    You need to look at the name of the fields that are showing identical information. They probably all have the same name. To fix this you need to open the properties window for those fields. In my version of nitro you have to go the forms tab and click edit all fields. It might be different in your version. Once your in the editing form fields mode, right click on one of the problem fields, then click properties. You should be able to change the name of the field there. Hopefully, you don't have a large number of fields to alter. In the past I found that this happens when you copy and paste fields. The make copies of a field with unique names you can use the "make copies" function, which in my version is under the Properties tab, not to be confused with the properties window which I directed you to above.
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    Hi AllainU, It worked! The setting "Print Quality" was the solution to the problem. I had 300 dpi scans in form of jpg's, and choose "High Quality" when I put it together to a single pdf file, assessing "High" better then "Print". Thank you for your help. Ha
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    It worked out well. First I used the OCR command ("make searchable and editable"), to prepare the PDF for conversion. Then I invoked Convert to Word, and set the dialog to "Highly editable (With layout)". That worked well for my case.
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    Hi Leslie, I'm using Nitro Pro which I'm sure is the most up to date version. I've just gone into preferences, where "the irritated computer user thing"......... I stumbled on Units and Grid, which I've never made adjustments. The height between lines and width were set to 25.4, with my Unit of measure as mm. I changed this to 1, and 1mm for precision, so its seems to be fine now. Thanks for your attempt to help me, where this may be a simple solution for anyone else who encounters this problem. Thanks Stan
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    Hello, I would also be very much interested into this function!
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    Hi all, is there a way to edit the default email content that gets sent out when requesting for documents to be signed? ie at the moment it shows in the subject '' joexxxxxx@gmail.com is requesting your signature'' whereas id rather it have my business name rather than my email address. Also email content by default it : ''Hi ......., Please sign ............ Thanks, joexxxxxx@gmail.com'' Id like to have by default a sentence in there that reads ''We cannot commence any work until the document has been signed'' This will go out with every document i send so ideally id like to edit the default
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    It would be awesome if I could have a "signature request" template created that has standard message content, so that I don't have to copy and paste the same content into the email message body. This template could then be added onto any document that I want to send. The default is always to general for me to send to my clients. To further this request, I would also love to be able to have a template that I can tweak if I want to further personalize it. AND, the ability to choose the number of signors.
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    +1 on that idea. The stock request is pretty lame.
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    I recently upgraded to Nitro Pro 12, and noticed the print button was relocated to the bottom. I love the program, but this move was infuriating enough to warrant creating an account in order to complain. Please include an option to move the button to the top, or relocate the button to the top. It's currently only partially present on my screen, meaning I have to scroll and click in order to print. Something this asinine manages to upset me every single time, because it's such a silly decision to have made. Yes, I understand I should "think before I print," but none of those options are relevant for my use case when I'm trying to print a document. I have already exhausted those possibilities *prior* to reaching the Print option.
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    Please add a feature to automate the creation of forms from an existing PDF (scanned or PDF converted from Word or Excel). Adobe Acrobat Pro has had this feature for many years. https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/convert-word-excel-paper-pdf-forms.html?set=acrobat--fundamentals--pdf-forms Once the fields are generated automatically, the user can adjust and edit them as needed. I have a form that contains nearly 200 fields and it would be unnecessarily time consuming for me to convert it to a form in Nitro Pro. Thank you!
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    Yes please, automatic form field detection is a fundamental feature that Nitro Pro should have. Automatic form generation was one of the primary PDF functions that I frequently used when I still had access to Adobe Acrobat Pro. I purchased Nitro Pro as a lower cost option, but I was disappointed to find out that it's missing this critical feature.
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    Hi all! My company is considering starting to use Nitro Cloud for signatures for contracts. We've done some testing and really like the user interface/experience, except for one thing... When a person who does not have a Nitro Cloud account signs a document (and we LOVE that they don't have to create an account in order to do this!), their icon shows up as the default icon for Nitro Cloud accounts. This would be fine, except that default is the Nitro Cloud logo (not initials like in this forum, or the Nitro Logo, etc.). As you can see below, this logo is a cute little animal wearing goggles. I don't know how the rest of you use the signing feature on Nitro Cloud, but for our business purposes, this icon really does not work for us. We're already taking a bit of a leap asking our clients to sign electronically, and the more professional/business-like we can make the experience, the more likely they are to go along with it. I would like to request that the default user icon be changed to something more neutral, or not be displayed in emails that our clients would see.

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