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    How do I send a fillable PDF form for completion by invitee before signing. The signature request is the easy part. The Fillable form cannot be filled by the invitee (seems like only the sender can fill the form) This form needs to be filled by my client with their details. Please advise Regards, Latha
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    I'm knew to Nitro but I LOVE it so far. I am creating a form fillable packet for our new hires. Yes, we still make them fill out employee paperwork. I would like to email the packet to them and have them fill the forms out AND sign them. I can't figure out how to allow them to do both at the same time. I can email them the forms to fill out and send back to me and then I send them back with a request for signature. I'm using myself as the test subject. Is there a way to allow them to do both at the same time and then send back to me? Thanks to all!
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    This is exactly what I'm trying to figure out how to do . . . I have a form (a timecard) which we want to email (and/or text) to an employee for them to complete (enter dates/hours they worked) and sign, then have it sent (automatically) to the approval email address for signature, which then sends the completed form to our payroll email address. When I up;oad the form in NitroPro is shows the fields as we placed them, but when I select to send it to an email address the form fields are gone. We also have an employment application we would like to do the same thing with but am at a loss as to how to go about it or find instructions on how to do it. Please help!
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