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    Whether I am typing text into a PDF or zooming or scrolling or whatever, the program pauses / hangs about every 5 minutes or less, the page I'm viewing will go slightly blurry and displays the little blue spinning circle in the center of the page while it is having its brain-fart which lasts for about 10 seconds before I can resume working. This isn't anything new.. It has been happening ever since I purchased the pro version. I'm using Windows 10. Any suggestions????
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    For the default page view settings, I would like to have the Thumbnails window open by default. It would also be nice if the width of the Thumbnails window would default to either a certain specified width or to the most recent width set by the user.
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    Question #1: When you select print and choose your print options under Page Scaling and for example 'shrink to fit printable area' or 'Use PDF page size to select paper source', how come those settings clear after you print the page? Is there a way to keep those settings in place and not check the box every time on a new print job? Question #2: After a you print a pdf, is it possible to have the print preview window automatically go away and back to your document you were working on, this would save a lot of extra clicks if you're doing document printing.
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    I am having the same problems. I agree with Scott Stone. Who else agrees?
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    I have the same problem. I have a paid annual subscription through 10/30/17. You cannot arbitrarily cut off a subscription to software that I have already paid for. Right now the software is useless as I cannot edit or markup pdfs which is a necessity for my legal practice. This issue should be rectified immediately by your company and not "as time permits" as was stated in the ticket response I received. I have paid your company an annual subscription for two years, under the premises that we would be get upgrades as part of that. Why would I have paid $99.95 per year for Nitro 10 if I was going to have to pay $159 for Nitro 11. I could have purchased Nitro 10 for less than the $199.90 I already paid. This needs to be rectified immediately. Either (a) I should be permitted to upgrade to Nitro 11 as part of my annual subscription or (b) I be given a serial number to activate Nitro 10 and be issued a refund for the cost difference between the $199.90 and what it would have cost to purchase Nitro Pro 10, as it was certainly less than $199.90 given that Nitro Pro 11 is only $159.00. This is no way to do business. Rest assured, if this is not resolved immediately, I will be switching to one of your competitors as this is nonsense.
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    I upgraded my Nitro Pro 9 yesterday to 11. When I select print in the old version, once I had finished printing i.e. had hit print, it would automatically go back to the document just like apps such as excel and word, but now in Nitro 11, it stays in the print screen. how do I change it ? its a trivial problem I know, but annoying non the less
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    I've been using NitroPDF for years and recently installed it on my new 13" HP envy. Although I don't remember it when I first started using Nitro on this computer, in the past couple of days, I noticed that at the top of the print dialog box I get a notification: "before you print...consider these easy-to-use features...". It seems to cause the font size of the entire print dialog box to become so small that I can't read it. I've altered the display resolution for other programs to correct this problem but the print dialog box in other programs doesn't have this issue. Is there anything I can do to correct this so I can read the print dialog box in Nitro?
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    I am finding the application so slow it is unusable since the Windows 10 Fall Update was applied. I searched the internet and found a couple of hits on other forums where users are complaining of the same issue. It is taking 30-60 seconds to open. The version is Once the application is open clicking the tabs is also very slow. The PC utilisation is very low so it isn't a PC performance issue.
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    When I try to print PDF file, the PRINT menu displays extremely tiny font size for the Printer selected, the Setting (Print All Pages), Uncollated, Paper Scaling. The font is so tiny I can barely see what are the words. This happens after I start using Nitro Pro 11 on the new HP X360 Spectre with 4K display. The computer can display 3840x2160. I did not have problem with previous PC with 1920 display resolution. I cannot find anyway to increase the font size display on the PRINT menu. Even I increase the display setting in Windows 10. So it is something related to Nitro Pro's display properties. The words of PRINT, PRINTER and SETTINGS are all very big. But the words inside the menu selection for these three titles are so small I need a 10X maginifier, and I still can barely see the words. Please advise how to increase the font so that it is not a pure PAIN to print with Nitro Pro 11 . Thanks!
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    Hello I've noticed that the print dialogue page in Nitro Pro 11 does not automatically close upon clicking Print and user has to close it manually. I believe the dialogue page should be automatically closed.
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    I do division this way, in the form that i use I have 2 fields one called "ounces" and one called "pounds" and I put this in the custom calculation script box. 1// Obtain the value from the first field 2 var v1 = getField("Ounces").value; 3 // Obtain the value from the second field 4 var v2 = getField("Pounds").value; 5 // Set this field value equal to the difference 6 event.value = v1 / v2; it pulls the value out of the ounces field "v1" and then the value from the pounds field "v2" and then divides them and returns the result. Hope that helps, Mark
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    I have been working with Nitro. I have performed a fresh installation with and without "Bitdefender" enabled. The result is the same. I am finding it doesn't even work for a day or two anymore, it is slow out of the box. Opening a PDF takes a long time and if I click the print icon I can go and make a cup of coffee (exaggeration). In my opinion, this is related to the Fall Update.
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    gracet, I don't recommend playing with the registry unless you've created a backup to restore if required. I'm also not an IT expert - but this is what I did: Firstly - set your QAT and custom tools as you want them in Nitro then: 1. access the registry editor 2. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Nitro > Pro 3. select the folder for the version you're running (i.e. 11.0) 4. go to SETTINGS 5. right-click on QAT folder and select EXPORT. 6. give the file a meaningful name (e.g. QAT Key) and save it to a convenient location (i.e. Desktop). 7. repeat steps 5 and 6 for the TOOLS folder. Like I said - it's a only a workaround, but it's much faster than manually resetting every single customisation each day!
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    Here's some reasons that may or may not convince you: The official list of new features: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/answers/Nitro Pro/000002288 The Nitro 11 release notes: https://www.gonitro.com/product/documentation/release-notes Nitro 10 isn't being updated, except for any security updates it might get. If you want to use Dropbox from inside of Nitro, you'll need Nitro 11 as Nitro 10 doesn't support the new Dropbox API. Hope that helps!
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    So, this is weird, but there is a rotate tool, you just can't access it normally, because the regular rotate tool is blocked by the PDF's security settings. You'll need to add the "Temporarily rotate view" tool to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top, and/or assign it a shortcut key. To do this: Click the arrow above the tab names, and choose More Commands. Where it says "Choose commands from:", click on the drop-down and select "Page Layout". Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Temporarily rotate view". Click "Add". If you don't need a keyboard shortcut key for this, you're all done, and can click "OK". If you do want to assign a keyboard shortcut (for this, or anything else), click on the "Customize" button. Under "Categories", scroll down to "Page Layout" and click on that. In the "Commands" list, scroll down to "Temporarily Rotate View" and click on it. You can then set the shortcut combo you want. I encourage you to submit another ticket asking for a change to the Rotate tool to break out the "Temporarily rotate view" option: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket
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    I find that the "Automatic page number links" feature great for working with my scanned documents. However some of my files start with a section which are numbered i,ii...ix roman style and the table of context is included in this section. The main document contents to which the TOC refers begins after this setion with normal numbering 1,2,3 etc. When using the auto link feature the links are then off by the number of pages in the first section. Thus alway jumping to the wrong page. It would be extremely usefull if an offset could be added to the links to give the correct page number in the link.
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    So, you can keep this message from popping up by turning off Show in-product messages in the Notifications section of the Preferences menu (located in the File menu).
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    I would love to be able to open two separate instances of Nitro PDF -- in two separate windows. I have a dual monitor set-up and sometimes it would be convenient to open up two .pdf files and have one displaying on each screen. Any chance this could be supported in the future?
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    When printing from Adobe Acrobat there is a custom scale option we use to print A1 documents on A3 paper, we simply set it to 50% and everything prints as it should. With Nitro our only option is expand/fill to printable area which doesn't scale the plot correctly. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there besides us that require properly scaled prints? Are there any plans to add this as a print scaling option? Very basic and very useful, also available in pretty much all softwares that manage drawings in one way or another.
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    @Mario K. when is the Nitro 11 Update coming out. Nitro is helplessly slow.
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    Thanks Steven, but this makes no difference. I have concluded that the software is not compatible and Nitro are just not at all bothered that I have spent good money on something that no longer works. John
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    I have had the same problem, unable to use nitro after a windows update. Submitted a ticket a few days ago to no response. Please help?
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    Is anyone else getting annoyed with the silence from Nitro on this issue? I have filed a ticket several weeks ago and I have not heard anything. In this forum it is also a deafening silence. If they are waiting for Microsoft to fix it why not say so.
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    This is a bit weird- I can confirm that Nitro 9 and Nitro 11 both have the extended selection of page sizes, but Nitro 10 doesn't have much in way of paper sizes. In Nitro 11, you should be able to right-click on a page and go to Set page size, and under the More, you should be able to find both of those sizes. You can select all of the pages and then right-click and Set Page Size to change all of them at once. Hopefully this helps- if not, let me know.
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    I have the same problem, also since the latest Windows 10 update. I've had to re-install Nitro twice now. It works fine for a few days, then gets slower and slower starting until it becomes unusable. Using the clean-up tool and re-installing brings it back, but not for long. Even then, right after installing, copying text to the paste buffer can take up to 10 seconds and preparing a document to print takes 5-10 seconds (the time between pressing the "print" button and seeing the print dialog to prepare the print-out). I'm using Version

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