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    Hi Nitro Pro 12 If at all possible please consider raising the print Button, I installed the new Nitro Pro 12 Version, it works great, but the print button is still down there below my window, always scrolling down to print is time consuming, Please consider changing this!! I suggest raising the button to the very top left corner.
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    I totally agree, it's a right pain to keep having to scroll down to print anything. ☹️
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    Just installed Nitro Pro. When I click the Print icon, it takes me to a dialog page. The top half of the dialog page has a list of "suggestions." It says "Before you Print...." and the list takes up my screen. So I need to stop what I am doing, and scroll down to the actual PRINT button. How do I make these suggestions go away?? This is annoying and an unnecessary extra step that takes me out of my flow every single time I print. When I am ready to print, I am done. I just want to print. I don't want to have a discussion about it, or even bypass a discussion about it. I want to just print and move on!! I went to Preference and Notifications and turned off "in product notifications" but the suggestions are still there. Where can I disable them? Or, at least. move them to the bottom, so the print button is on the top??
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    Good morning Nitro Kind regards Jürgen PS: Thank you very much for fixing the ribbon-problem.
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    I agree with Jurgen. I had reported this issue a while ago and, after upgrading to version 12, I see that the issue remains. I go to the print screen, most of the time, to simply press "Print". Where it is located means that I always have to scroll to find it. It would seem reasonable that the button and maybe the "Print Options" link should be at the top. Thanks, Al Schoen alschoen@hotmail.com
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    Yes it's very time consuming, always scrolling down to hit the print button, the print button should be on the top left corner somewhere,
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    Yes, I agree with Jurgen. The print button needs to be moved up so that I don't have to scroll down to select print.

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