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      License Activation Portal   12/21/2017

      UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we have published a License Activation Portal on our GoNitro Support page: www.gonitro.com/support Please use this tool for activation issues, such as Error -23, before logging a Support Ticket or posting on the Community Forum.  Please be aware that this License Portal is to be used only by our Online/single users, not by our Business/Enterprise customers.


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    I bought V. 11 for a new Lenovo WIN 10 X86. Nitro Pro is very slow to open and when I try to print it kills the program. HELP!
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    From Nitro Pro the printer dialog box is enlarged with the Print Reduction Enhancements. Previous versions had a printer dialog box in perfect size for 13 or 14 inch screens. As of version it is enlarged and now I have to scroll down for the actual print button. Is it possible to remove (with Windows Registery or so) this Print Reduction Enhancements from version and up? I do not use them and do not need them. Otherwise I'll be stuck with version because I do not like this addition. Due to the fact I have to scroll down to find the actual print button. In version and down the Printer Dialog Box was a far better size for screens 13 and or 14 inch.

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