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    It's a little weird, but you can do this. To get it on every page in the same spot, you first need to setup the first page's box exactly as you want it- if the text is the same on every page, you can just set the Default Value to the text you want. Once the first box is setup, click on the Make Copies button- you want the "Add to every page" option checked, and probably the "Use same field name" option. Next comes the only tricky part- you need to make a 1x1 grid. To do this, just move your mouse over the grid & click on the first box. Once this is done, you'll see (or not if you made the box invisible normally) the field copied to every page in the same place. Hope that helps! (There should be a way to do this with an actual header or footer, but that would require tracking down the equivalent JavaScript to use in your header/footer, and I'm not sure what that is).
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    Yes please, automatic form field detection is a fundamental feature that Nitro Pro should have. Automatic form generation was one of the primary PDF functions that I frequently used when I still had access to Adobe Acrobat Pro. I purchased Nitro Pro as a lower cost option, but I was disappointed to find out that it's missing this critical feature.
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    Please add a feature to automate the creation of forms from an existing PDF (scanned or PDF converted from Word or Excel). Adobe Acrobat Pro has had this feature for many years. https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/convert-word-excel-paper-pdf-forms.html?set=acrobat--fundamentals--pdf-forms Once the fields are generated automatically, the user can adjust and edit them as needed. I have a form that contains nearly 200 fields and it would be unnecessarily time consuming for me to convert it to a form in Nitro Pro. Thank you!
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    Hi Nitro team, when I convert an MS Word document to a PDF using Nitro, the embedded Visio drawings look awful in the resulting PDF. When I use the built-in "Export to PDF" native Microsoft functionality the embedded drawings look fine. Please see attached screenshots Using Nitro PDF Using Microsoft Export to PDF
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    I have some overlapped components and I'm wondering how to send back or front during editing. Any ideas?
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    It seems that the lastest created object hides the previous objects and there's no way to change this behaviour.
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    Please would you provide a means of quickly and easily converting forms that are created in Word (without all the form fields etc - just spaces for filling in info) into PDF Forms. This would create a much easier and quicker means of generating those forms. For example - I have a form that contains around 75 Form Fields. It will take me at least 4 hours to create that form using the current NitroPDF 11. If this were automated, it would also eliminate duplication of field names etc... [Adobe Acrobat does this!! ]
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    I have used this feature in Acrobat and seen it in use with Foxit PDF Pro.... can toggle on form field autopopulate or auto complete or autofill.... all the same thing. For instance fill in the form one time and say one field asks for color and you type "blue". The next time that same field is open you type "red". The next time that same field is open you type just "b" and it will popup and allow selection of "blue".... It is similar to a dropdown list box, but is dynamic in that the list is created and added to everytime the field is open. With Acrobat the feature can be turned on initially, the list is created, and then it can be set so that the list appears but new entries are no longer added to that field's list. Also very important that the feature be specific to a field and not to the entire form. For example I would not want the client name to autopopulate but would want the manufacturer to autopopulate ( Timex, Bulova, Fossil, Citizen etc)

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