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    Every time i create a quick access toolbar with my favorite commands it only holds active until there is an update or something then the toolbar reverts back to Nitro default....why is this? And can i make a backup of the quick access tools i use so i don't keep loosing them?
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    Upgraded to v13.2.6.26. Same problem. As Wayne pointed out here, right-click a file and click Print to test quickly.
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    It is now the year 2020, and it is still an issue with the most current version of Pro.
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    hello. will be great if you add custom zoom when printing for example, when i will print a document set zoom 135% adobe reader pro have this feature, nitro pro is excellent, but doesn't have this
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    Hi, in contrast to almost every program I know, NitroPDF 13 won't close if you put your cursor into the upper right edge and click. You have to be a bit lower and aim for that button. Same is with the whole titlebar. Kind of annoying, would be nice to fix that in the future! Windows10x64 Thanks, Josh
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    Please tell me you are kidding? If I need to download Adobe Reader what is the purpose of Nitro Pro?

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