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    Yes- instead of going to File, Print, you want to go to Batch Print. There you'll check the box that says "Include all open PDF documents". If this is something you see yourself doing often, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to Batch Print: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/keyboard shortcuts/000002042
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    While I really appreciate the fact, that somebody is reaching out to us, telling us, that this feature is "at the moment" not available for us, is bad news; especially as "at the moment" is now lasting for many months. I tested all major PDF editors and from my perspective, Nitro has the potential to be the best - if only the support were better. I have half a dozen of errors, efficiency issues and suggestions - and none of them can be addressed nor settled, as us "normal users with some problems" are "less important" and do not deserve trackable progress. This is not good customer service. I could elaborate on user expectations and how to meet them gracefully, but will spare this part out. I could tell you a nice story about the guys from Phantom PDF, who learned in the end, that they lost 25,000 potential installations due to their ignorant behaviour - but I do not want to clutter this thread with the details.

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