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    This has been an issue for some time, and the copy & paste comments by reps is not helping. Do you have an estimate when this will be fixed? Very tiresome.
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    Hi Leslie, Thanks for your reply. I've downloaded the latest version but installed it not yet. Completely uninstalling would remove the Nitro PDF printer driver from my system as well. But this printer is set as my standard printer for AutoCAD where a lot of drawing layouts are connected to. This would cause to a lot of work, adjusting a new printer. This is quit different to other "normal" programs. You should change back your update procedure to automatic in-program updates. Completely uninstalling followed by re-installing the new version is not user-friendly.
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    So, I disabled Streamline and the error went away. Seems like the program can't update anymore.
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    I have been a Nitro Pro user for several years now and recently purchased a new computer. I wrongly believed that all I had to do was install the trial version and enter my NP 12 code and be working. Instead I am being sent in circles to deactivate and activate and being told my serial number is no good (I have the original email to prove purchase). Now I find that I can't get support from the company unless I upgrade to a VIP. Seriously? Can I get either some help on using what I paid for or a good alternative to Nitro Pro, in which case I will never bother this company or forum again.
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    Thank you AllainU for your kind response. I certainly do not want to pay to get this fixed. I already have a program that has never worked. It would be stupid to double down and pay the company again when I only need it to work as advertised. As a workaround, you suggest installing an older version. You say "workaround" as in a way to get it working for now until an update will fix the problem? or do they never intend to fix the problem for current users? Thanks, Jon
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    The version of the external installers of nitro 13 cannot convert pdf to word or excel files, it is necessary to obtain a solution
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    I have the same problem. I have been using Nitro Pro for years and with Nitro 13 I cannot open a single PDF on my PC. I also need Nitro 12 back so I can get some work done.
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    Please tell me you are kidding? If I need to download Adobe Reader what is the purpose of Nitro Pro?
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    This is not a permanent solution. After working with multiple docs and performing multiple searches, Nitro freezes, even in Windows 8 compatibility mode.
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    Hello, I've gone through quite a few "fixes" to activate my license on a new computer, but everything has me running in circles between activation pages and license checks. I have a new computer and no access to the old computer (dead). But every time I put in my serial number, Nitro says it is invalid. Please help. Thanks. Jose
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    Hi Leslie, Thanks for your reply. I've downloaded the latest NitroPro13 version and tried to install it without un-installing my current registered version. Unfortunately the setup failed and has been terminated with an error. Firstly the download started but then it said: "Fehler beim Setup-Assistenten für Nitro Pro" (Error with setup assistant of Nitro Pro). BTW, when originally installing Pro13 64bit, I used a msi file with about 207 MB in size, not a setup exe with about 2 MB. Further, should I firstly deactivate the licence followed by uninstalling the current version, before installing the new version? This would be not very user-friendly.
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    Hi. You can try MSG to PDF Converter designed by Mailconvertertools.
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    I have just installed Nitro Pro 13 having been a user since version 7. All seemed fine until I tried to open a emailed pdf attached - it's an invoice I receive monthly and always opened correctly with previous versions of Nitro Pro. When I try and open it itro Pro starts up, waits a few seconds, no document is displayed, then quits and gives me the Crash Report dialog. I have done a bit of searching and tried the following. 1. Repaired the installation - No change 2. Uninstalled and re-installed - No change 3.Repaired the installation again - No change 4. Uninstalled and re-installed again - No change I always restarted the computer before and after each repair and uninstall/reinstall cycle. After each uninstall I removed the Nitro printer port and driver & package using the Printer Serve dialog. I removed all Nitro folders on drive C. I removed all registry entries relating to Nitro and then ran a registry cleaner (Piriform Ccleaner Cloud). I then did what I should have done first and tried a different PDF. Hey presto it worked. I tried a few more. All opened correctly. So the issue is with this particular PDF. I still have Nitro Pro 12 on an old laptop so tried to open the offending pdf with that version. No problem at all. I optimized the pdf, removing embedded fonts to see if that was the issue. Version 13 still won't open it. I then printed the pdf using the Nitro Pro 12 pdf printer. This could be opened by version 13. So the issue is when Nitro Po 13 opens what is, on the surface, a perfectly OK pdf. I don't know whether it's a particular pdf version or perhaps the software used to create the pdf that is the issue. I do know that Version 12 opened all these pdfs without issues (I have checked all similar pdfs I received this year) and Version 13 does not so I have to point the waggly finger at Version 13 I am afraid.. I am happy to send the offending pdf to the Nitro team for analysis if it someone can let me know how to reach them. I don't think I have VIP access, although you'd think I'd get it automatically having been a loyal customer since version 7 (perhaps even before but I can't check back that far at the moment.) But that's a different conversation :-)
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    I was thrilled at the release of Nitro Pro 13, but I am disappointed because from version 12 these are the main things that aren't in Nitro 13: -Automatic form recognition (present in competitors software) -Automatic update from the Nitro App (also present in competitors software). I would like to see these features added as soon as possible, because I think that are essential, especially the automatic update feature. Thank You.
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    I have the same issue as Nico S. Also, I was under the impression that when I signed up I had customer service free for one year. When I try to send an email it does not give me the option to send an email! That is poor customer service!! Promise the client one thing, throw them in the deep end and let them fend for themselves!! Now a month later I have technical issues and I have to take the time to research and find a fix on my own? That is the pits!
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    Update. I have just downloaded and installed the latest update and this has made no difference at all ☹️.
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    @AllainU will you ever shed some light on the bugs you are fixing and the things you are developing? All my issues are unaddressed for two years without any sign of progress - don't you think that paying pro users deserve some more attention? May I quote what my so-called VIP access includes according to your web site? Benefits of VIP Access: Get Customer Support from our industry-leading product experts Receive an initial response to your support request within 24 hours or less Enjoy Nitro’s newest features, improvements, and security updates as soon as they’re available Admittedly it does not say "customer is taken seriously" or "get your bugs trackably addressed" or "expect bug solutions in less a year" - but I really do not feel worshipped as a customer ... especially not as one with VIP Access.
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    Upgraded to v13.2.6.26. Same problem. As Wayne pointed out here, right-click a file and click Print to test quickly.
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    I am getting the SAME exact problems cited by Remus and Ian. VERY slow opening of PDF files. Even tiny 24 kb PDFs take almost 30 seconds to launch program and open. Files open faster when Nitro program is already open, but leaving Nitro constantly open is NOT a solution. As Remus states, "when it opens, I can see, for a few good seconds, only the margins of the program (the toolbars), the middle being occupied by Windows's File Explorer." This has been occurring since I purchased and installed Nitro Pro 13 on Dec. 31. Completely unacceptable. Now, I am also getting the initial Error message "An error has occurred within our system. Please try again or contact support if this error persists." After clicking "OK" - I get the follow-up Error citing "(Error 401)". Have also tried to "repair" the Nitro software by uninstalling, rebooting and re-installing. Problem never went away and persists. I am running brand new Window 10 and Nitro Pro Need new version and working software ASAP.
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    When will automatic updates be "turned back on?" It is extremely frustrating for the software to crash for no apparent reason and not know that there is a new update. Even if there were an announcement of the existence of an update at the downloads page, it would be much more satisfying than having to find the update myself after the software is messed up.
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    @AllainU to clarify, your organization is opting to leave users with current, active licenses purchased within the past year, on a highly vulnerable product instead of allowing them to upgrade?
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    I have the same issue with Nitro Pro which is very annoying. Whenever I open a PDF with scanned content, an empty debug.log file is created. I created the registry entry as mentioned by Steven Zakulec above, but still the same.
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    I have found a partial solution to this problem (which is caused by the OCR Engine integration into Nitro Pro). Go to "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Conversion" -> "Advanced text recovery" and untick "Automatically OCR image based documents before conversion" at the bottom. Seems to work for both conversion of images as well as direct scanning into Nitro Pro but does (on my PC) cause "Not responding" error messages during the conversion process. Not an entirely satisfactory outcome, so I will be looking for a refund on this software.
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    When I enter a serial number for activation I get an error that says please enter a valid serial number. This is the number from my email with the download.
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    Thank you Mitty! Followed your suggestions plus added my own recipe at the end and we finally got it working. rteam
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    Since upgrading to Nitro Pro 13, all attempts to create a PDF from scanner have failed with the error message, "Image_001.bmp failed while being created as PDF." I have uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled with patch level Error still occurs. On Windows 10 and using an HP OfficeJet Pro 8625. Need a resolution or I'll need to revert to Nitro Pro 11 since creating a PDF from a scan is the most frequent function I use.
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    I'm having the same issue. I have tried everything on this forum to make it work. Can you start a ticket for me too?
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    Will someone help me? My computer crashed and I lost my NitroPro 11. Is there a way that I can download a new copy? I have already deactivated my copy. I just need to download the program again.
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    If I can't get this to work...is there a way to revert to Pro 12 so I can get some work done???? If so, please send me the information on how to do it...Thanks! Crashes whenever I try to open a previous Pro 12 document but not the ones downloaded with the upgrade...go figure??
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    I upgraded from Nitro Pro 12 to 13 this afternoon. Since then I have not been able to open any of my PDFs. That includes those from clients and those created with Nuance PDF Pro. I am uninstalling 13 and reinstalling Nitro Pro 12. I did not purchase the support package. How will I be informed that the buggy initial release of Nitro Pro 13 had been fixed? Rick James
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    I have a couple of support tickets out there since yesterday. Keeps crashing and no support.00209212.
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    UPDATE: Found previous fix, posting for others. Nitro Pro version has changed, but toggle in same relative location. A registry edit will have to be preformed to enable the prompt. To perform this edit, please go to the search bar at the lower left part of your screen beside the Windows button. - enter regedit then Select Yes - select HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Nitro> Pro> 11.0 - Next select> Settings> Preferences> KPreferences - on the right side of the screen find kPrefAlwaysCloseAllDocuments - right click> select modify and change to 0
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    every time i open nitro pro i get a white welcome screen. How can i avoid this
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    Yes- you'll want to set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nitro\Pro\12\Settings\Preferences\kPreferences\kPrefProductMsgs to /b 0 Hope that helps!
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    I'm trying to edit a specific PDF file that was working fine the other day. However now when ever I zoom in, click Edit and click anywhere on the document, it immediately closes and brings up the crash report. I've already run a reinstall and repair on the programs, restarted everything and started from scratch with the document but nothing is working. System info Windows 7 x64 Version: Nitro pro
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    Dear AllainU, have switched over to Raster - it worked! You are a genius! Thank you, thank you, thank you...
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    HI there, Is there a possibility for an option to include the audit trail as part of the completed document? Either as part of the document itself or an attachment with the completed document? Details that the signer actually received and signed the document, rather than their signature merely appearing on the completed document.
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    Hey Guys, Same issue here, couldn't resolve after many attempts. Just found a solution to the issue - try installing the KX V4 driver instead - worked for me. The interface is a little clunky compared to the straight KX driver, but at least it works. Only functionality I lost was the ability to lock down black and white printing, which isn't the end of the world (it can still be set as a default). Bert SCS & miked - Here's the iteration of your KX V4 driver: https://usa.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com/content/dam/kdc/kdag/downloads/technical/executables/drivers/kyoceradocumentsolutions/us/en/Kxv4_v5.2.1303.zip tosh - Here's the iteration of your KX V4 driver: https://usa.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com/content/dam/kdc/kdag/downloads/technical/executables/drivers/kyoceradocumentsolutions/us/en/Kxv4_v5.2.1303.zip (Drivers appear to be the same for both models). Hope that helps fix the issue guys, or is at least an interim solution for now. Cheers!
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    Hello Leslie, is there any progress in investigating the topic regarding "debug.log" ? Thanks for your reply. Thomas
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    We have having the same issue. Just upgraded multiple clients to Nitro Pro and opening a file on a network share results in the creation of a debug.log file. The file is 0KB in size. Has anyone found a solution?
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    Yes- instead of going to File, Print, you want to go to Batch Print. There you'll check the box that says "Include all open PDF documents". If this is something you see yourself doing often, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to Batch Print: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/keyboard shortcuts/000002042
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    In adobe one can use javascript to create a fillable dynamic stamp. This would be a useful default feature. the stamp would be like a form, or can be filled in via a dialog box Thousands of accounting departments use this method with their paper flows. It would be great to have a digital version. Right now the only "go Nitro" option is to 'stamp' or 'quick sign' the image of a stamp and then use 'type text' to type in the info...fiddly, time consuming. not good.
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    While I really appreciate the fact, that somebody is reaching out to us, telling us, that this feature is "at the moment" not available for us, is bad news; especially as "at the moment" is now lasting for many months. I tested all major PDF editors and from my perspective, Nitro has the potential to be the best - if only the support were better. I have half a dozen of errors, efficiency issues and suggestions - and none of them can be addressed nor settled, as us "normal users with some problems" are "less important" and do not deserve trackable progress. This is not good customer service. I could elaborate on user expectations and how to meet them gracefully, but will spare this part out. I could tell you a nice story about the guys from Phantom PDF, who learned in the end, that they lost 25,000 potential installations due to their ignorant behaviour - but I do not want to clutter this thread with the details.
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    I have been using NitroPro for several years and have been pretty happy with it. But, sometime ago ver 10 started freezing up every couple of minutes while working on a PDF. It would just hang for a few seconds to a few minutes. Occasionally it would just crash and I would lose everything. So much for productivity. SO, today I decided to upgrade to 12 hoping the issue would be fixed. NOPE! Same issues. I tried to email support, but since I did not purchase the $59 support package I was referred to the Community Forum/Knowledge Base. Which, is heaping on the ole frustration level at this point. Not sure who can help me, but if a Nitro Support person happens to come across...please contact me on how to fix this issue or refund my purchase of version 12. Thank you.
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    excellent! thanks for the timely response!
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    This may seem like a rather small problem, but nice if it were resolved. I have Nitro 12 and have been using it for some months. When trying to save a file (or open a file) an option to save in the local Computer is shown and a list of recently used folders is displayed (you can actually permanently pin any of these folders to the dialog for ease of use). However, when pointing to a recent folder for saving (or opening) a file, the program invariably shows the most recently used folder and NOT the folder you are actually pointing to, even if it is one of the pinned folders. This means you have to browse/navigate to the actual folder you want to save the file in, rather than just go to that folder in one easy click. This used to work well in Nitro 11 but is not working in Nitro 12. Trust this will be solved or if it is a problem with my app, some solution will be provided. Thanks and regards. AEC
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    We have four laptops in my department that use Nitro Pro v 11 and all do the same thing. It is very frustrating and I am about to ask our IT group to find another pdf application. This needs to be addressed.
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    For a time, Nitro Pro only supported multiple files in separate tabs in a single window. Eventually they added a feature to create separate windows by dragging tabs outside of the initial Nitro Pro window, which is a step in the right direction. But I always prefer to have multiple files in separate windows, so always having to drag tabs out of a window is a chore. Could you please add an option under Preferences so that multiple PDF files always open in separate windows by default? - Simon
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    I had been using Adobe Acrobat for some time and I found the zoom to selected area feature very useful. I believe it would be a very useful addition to Nitro Pro. Personally, I found it a very efficient way of zooming and focusing in certain area in a drawing.
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    I am having a different problem with the latest version - Nitro Pro 11 (which, by the way, will be the last version that I purchase). First, I had to purchase the latest version to obtain a security update because your company did not offer a security update to Nitro Pro 10 - which is in no way obsolete. I had enjoyed using Nitro Pro 10 until I heard about the security issues - and then found that I had to pay for the update. This is NOT SATISFACTORY. Second, when I attempt to use the "Sign in" link in the upper right hand corner of Nitro Pro, a large window opens covering the entire screen. I cannot see nor access the sign-in boxes to enter my information. Also, the window cannot be moved nor resized nor closed, and my task bar is no longer able accessible. I then must use the Windows key to access the menu and taskbar so that I can open Task Manager to close Nitro Pro. You call this an upgrade? Is it your goal to frustrate your customers into leaving? That is what you have done to this customer.
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