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    Please add a feature to automate the creation of forms from an existing PDF (scanned or PDF converted from Word or Excel). Adobe Acrobat Pro has had this feature for many years. https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/convert-word-excel-paper-pdf-forms.html?set=acrobat--fundamentals--pdf-forms Once the fields are generated automatically, the user can adjust and edit them as needed. I have a form that contains nearly 200 fields and it would be unnecessarily time consuming for me to convert it to a form in Nitro Pro. Thank you!
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    It would be very helpful to have "optimize PDF" as a batch processing option.
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    The user had 12.4.0259 I believe. I found a workaround that will work for us. Instead of making a stamp I made a signature with a transparent background check mark. I added it as a signature and now they can just use the signature tool as a check mark. It works really well and leaves behind only the check mark with a transparent background.
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    Here is my AutoHotkey script that provides a workaround to the "before you print" nonsense. Some additional improvements to function keys are also provided here. In most installations, you would need to change "Send ^+p" to "Send ^p". ; ---------------------------- ; Nitro Pro ; ---------------------------- #IfWinActive ahk_exe NitroPDF.exe ; The following commands swap the CTRL-O and CTRL-SHIFT-O functions, ; so that CTRL-O provides a standard "File open" dialog window. ^o::Send ^+o ; CTRL-O = Open document ^+o::Send ^o ; CTRL-SHIFT-O = Open recent document ^p:: ; CTRL-P = Print ; This routine focuses Nitro Pro on the "Print" button in the print dialog. ; The user may then either press the ENTER key or click the left mouse button to print. printButton = Button10 ; This is Nitro's control name for the print button. It might change in future versions of Nitro. SoundBeep, 1000, 40 ; Play a short sound to confirm that the user has pressed CTRL-P. Send ^+p ; Activate print dialog. This can be changed to whatever hotkey Nitro Pro uses to print. Sleep, 1200 ControlGetPos, x, y, w, h, ScrollBar1 ; Get the position and dimensions of the scrollbar in the print dialog. MouseMove, % x+w/2-3, % y+h-45 ; Move to bottom of scrollbar. Sleep, 200 Click ; Navigate to bottom of print dialog window. ControlFocus, %printButton% ; Focus on "Print" button. This enables ENTER to activate printing. ControlGetPos, x, y, w, h, %printButton% ; Get the position and dimensions of the print button. MouseMove, % x+w/2, % y+h/2 ; Move cursor to the middle of the "Print" button. This enables a left mouse click to activate printing. Return F2::SendEvent ^{F1} ; F2 = Toggle the menu ribbon. F3::Send ^{F2} ; F3 = Hand F10:: ; F10 = Add comment (note) SendEvent !r Sleep, 300 SendEvent n Return F12::Send ^+s ; F12 = Save as #IfWinActive ; end NitroPDF block
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    Please would you provide a means of quickly and easily converting forms that are created in Word (without all the form fields etc - just spaces for filling in info) into PDF Forms. This would create a much easier and quicker means of generating those forms. For example - I have a form that contains around 75 Form Fields. It will take me at least 4 hours to create that form using the current NitroPDF 11. If this were automated, it would also eliminate duplication of field names etc... [Adobe Acrobat does this!! ]
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    every time i open nitro pro i get a white welcome screen. How can i avoid this
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    I have been using NitroPro for several years and have been pretty happy with it. But, sometime ago ver 10 started freezing up every couple of minutes while working on a PDF. It would just hang for a few seconds to a few minutes. Occasionally it would just crash and I would lose everything. So much for productivity. SO, today I decided to upgrade to 12 hoping the issue would be fixed. NOPE! Same issues. I tried to email support, but since I did not purchase the $59 support package I was referred to the Community Forum/Knowledge Base. Which, is heaping on the ole frustration level at this point. Not sure who can help me, but if a Nitro Support person happens to come across...please contact me on how to fix this issue or refund my purchase of version 12. Thank you.
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    Spell Check doesnt work anymore. If you right click on a misspelled word, it just shows blanks in the location it should show word choices, or it causes the app to crash
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    Hello, please add an option to the settings of Nitro Pro, that allows you to configure that a pdf is: a) always opened in a new tab or b) always opened in a new window Thx!
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    I have version, which I think is the latest? Are you guys EVER going to fix the problem in the menu in which I press Alt-F, and then X, to try to exit the program, but none of the shortcuts that are highlighted in the Alt-F menu actually work? The shortcuts in the other menus work, just not the File menu. Seriously, I asked about this before the last update, maybe 6-9 months ago, and still it doesn't work!
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    I want to express - in the the strongest possible words - how unsatisfactory the Nitro update process is: Somewhere the version 12.6 is the "latest" other places the latest is listed as: In either case there are no clear instructions *how* to update. And lastly the fact that there is no *automatic* check in your software is unacceptable in any product that is sold for (significant) money after 2010... Please add in-software check for updates (via HTTPS, with certificate checking and OCSP) to the top priority in terms of features needed.
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    Nitro Pro could improve productivity if it allows its user to view PDFs in multiple pages. Something similar to the MS Word zoom level function. This would be helpful for those who use widescreen monitors to view multiple PDF pages at the same time.
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    Your assumption is correct. Sorry I was not more clear. I scan in the IRS 1099-Misc form every year for my business, create a fillable form, and than enter my subcontractor's data. I then have to print this data on the actual IRS 1099-Misc Form for each subcontractor. I figured out a workaround yesterday after I posted. I scanned the IRS 1099-Misc form as a high resolution JPEG file and then used it to create a STAMP in Nitro Pro. After creating the form fields in Nitro Pro using the stamp as a guide, and then filling them with the data, I was able to print the form data only by not printing the stamp which is an option in the print dialog.
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    That seems extreme for trying to renew a subscription, but if that's my only choice....
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    Depending on if you want to remove just the signature itself, or the signature field, there's a different way for each. In Nitro 10, when you have a PDF with digital signatures, you'll see a pen icon on the far right below the bookmark icon. Click on that. You'll then see a list with all the digital signature blocks, and then below that, all of the actual signatures. You should be able to right click on any of the actual digital signatures and choose Clear Signature Field. To remove the box itself, clear the signature, then use Forms, Edit All Fields, and select your digital signature field. You can then delete the field. Hopefully this helps.
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    I just upgraded to Nitro 12 and a document I was working on for hours.. just crashed. First time using 12 properly since I upgraded. Haven't they fixed this problem yet? AND is there a temp file where it continuously saves on to my computer as the last save I have is over an hour ago.
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    It seems that the lastest created object hides the previous objects and there's no way to change this behaviour.
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    We have four laptops in my department that use Nitro Pro v 11 and all do the same thing. It is very frustrating and I am about to ask our IT group to find another pdf application. This needs to be addressed.
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    As I've written in the post Title Nitro Pro is really an amazing toolt, and I would love to have Polish language OCR support in it
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    I am still using Nitro 9 because it's the last version that did not have this issue. tried 10, 11, & 12. All same issue as described above. I need to buy 17 licenses but Nitro has not been able to duplicate the problem on their end. I have $$ in hand. ver. 9 is starting to get wonky too. I really need an upgrade. If this issue is not fixed soon i am afraid I will have to subscribe to Adobe which I DO NOT WANT TO DO!! Please help me Nitro.
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    Hello Can you consider introducing this feature. A work college should me how to do it in Adobe DC [Pro I think] and it was great. Some minor editing afterwards but it certainly beat applying this feature manually in Nitro Pro. Can you provide feedback please. Thanks ALF
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    Having given up on this and reverted back to Nitro 10 for trouble free use, I then received a response from Leslie V. with a suggestion which worked for me. This is on Windows 10 64 bit with all updates - Right click on Nitro program file (or shortcut icon), Open Properties -> Compatability-> Change High DPI setting-> check box against High DPI Scaling Override. Worked for me!
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    I have used this feature in Acrobat and seen it in use with Foxit PDF Pro.... can toggle on form field autopopulate or auto complete or autofill.... all the same thing. For instance fill in the form one time and say one field asks for color and you type "blue". The next time that same field is open you type "red". The next time that same field is open you type just "b" and it will popup and allow selection of "blue".... It is similar to a dropdown list box, but is dynamic in that the list is created and added to everytime the field is open. With Acrobat the feature can be turned on initially, the list is created, and then it can be set so that the list appears but new entries are no longer added to that field's list. Also very important that the feature be specific to a field and not to the entire form. For example I would not want the client name to autopopulate but would want the manufacturer to autopopulate ( Timex, Bulova, Fossil, Citizen etc)
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    I think I'm done persevering with Nitro. The product used to be great, but all these little issues keep adding up, and the lack of response from support is really the last straw. A PDF program that constantly freezes, has issues with standard fonts and resets custom settings to default without rhyme or reason just isn't worth the money. These are all problems being experienced by many different users, in different work environments, and probably, different countries. Therefore these issues are surely with the product, not the end user. It's really a shame that I'm now looking at a different PDF provider, because I used to tell anyone who would listen how great Nitro was. Now I tell them to avoid it like the plague.
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    When will Nitro upgrade to automatic form detection when trying to create forms, so we don't have to insert all of the form fields manually. Some of my forms are multiple pages and if I have to update them, then I have to reinsert all of the form fields. When I had Adobe, this was not a problem.

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