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Combined documents into PDF improvements

Nigel Jackson


Nigel Jackson

I have a few suggestions that I think would improve/extend the functionality of combining documents...

  1. Remove the automatic addition of page numbers to bookmarks. Does anyone actually need this given that a bookmark means you jump straight to the page - you don't need to know the page numbers! I'm wasting hours editing every bookmark in every combined PDF to remove the page numbers. If some people want them, can we have an option to include the page numbers or not?
  2. Remove the file name extension in the bookmarks, or give us an option to include them or not
  3. Option to change the font size of the bookmarks
  4. Shortcut key to edit a bookmark - would speed up the process of editing many bookmarks as you could work with the keyboard only, without having to keep using the mouse to right-click>rename the next one and the next one etc.

Many thanks!

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Jacob Pfeffer

I could not agree more. I combine PDFs but will then sometimes need to rearrange the page order or maybe add additional pages...to go into every bookmark and rename to delete the (pg.#) suffix is a total waste of time. Even the way the bookmarks include the file extension is unnecessary.


There should be custom options for naming conventions in bookmarks from combining PDFs.

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