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MSI file added to default user profile

Mike Barnes

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Hello - I recently noticed Nitro has stored a copy of the install file in the default user directory. Can this be changed to a different location or just plain removed altogether?

C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\{4F8A6EED-4F56-4502-8285-E0B766CAA4A6}\nitro_pro_13.13.2.242_x64.msi

This is not a good place to store any large file since it has to be copied from the default user to the profile folder of the user who is logging on. For normal PCs, this isn't a huge problem since it only happens the first time they log in, although it does waste disk space on all computers. The bigger issue is for VDI deployments. Every time users log into a VDI desktop, it creates a new profile folder so the copying of the MSI file to the current user profile adds a lot of time to the logon process. And the wasted disk space is multiplied by how many VMs you have running.

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