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John Santos

File menu shortcut keys not working


John Santos

I've seen this on one of the forum posts already earlier ... and wondering if this has been fixed already or if there is a free update to fix this on my install, or if i need to enable some kind of setting?

I am using Nitro v13.15.1.282

When i use simple shortcuts that the vast majority of programs use perfectly, such as:

file > save    (ALT +  F + S)   -

file > print   (ALT + F + P)

They do not work in Nitro ... even if it hints that this SHOULD work ... because when you click Alt F, the FILE menu appears, and "tooltips" with "shortcut letters" appear as well. 

This is rather frustrating for someone who is busy ...even though I know most other functions of NITRO do work most of the time


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Reymund G.

Hi @John Santos,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Nitro Pro has a set of default shortcut keys specific for Save and Print. 
Save has a default of Ctrl + S while the Print is Ctrl + P. These shortcut keys can be modified by going to the More Commands in Quick Access Toolbar. Please see the screencast below:

The Alt + F shortcut key is for the Search function in Nitro Pro. The shortcut keys will tell you if the key combinations you used is being used or not. 

There are other functions that do not have a shortcut key but they can be customized based on your preference. 
Please note that you can only use two keys when assigning shortcut keys. 

Kind regards, 

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