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When Will Nitro Pro Support Flash?

Eli R.


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Agree - flash needed

On 01/02/2017 at 8:07 PM, Professor Charles Xavier said:

Flash is what we all need!


On 01/02/2017 at 7:57 PM, Eli R. said:

We use flash at my company to make digitially interactive content.


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Rob Nicholson

Coming very late to the table here. My client works in medical communications, working for pharmaceutical companies. The use of PDF is widespread and they have Nitro Pro licenses primarily for editing PDFs - comments, mark-up etc.

However, the other significant project they have worked on recently is an interactive PDF. It has lots of clicking buttons, fades between slides and Flash based multimedia. Now personally I would have recommended not building what is effectively a multimedia training package in PDF, especially developing new content in Flash. We're all aware that Flash is on the way out but it's difficult to argue in this case as the PDF is effectively a standalone multimedia presentation that can easily be distributed via email.

So we are where we are. I got involved when my client asked to rollout Adobe Reader DC on all the computers. Eyebrows were raised as to why (paid for) Nitro Pro wasn't up to the job and having just had a look at the interactive PDF in Nitro Pro, I can see where they are coming from. Too many things don't work in Nitro Pro:

  1. In the example below, the backwards/forwards buttons do work (so there is partial interactive support) but in Adobe DC, the new page slides in. In Nitro Pro, there is no slide fade - it just switches
  2. There is no multimedia voiceover - I assume this is because Flash isn't supported
  3. The Zoom icon should bring up bigger image of the graphic


I guess my question here is whether these are bugs or does Nitro Pro not purport to be compatible with Adobe DC in multimedia PDFs? In which case my client may reluctantly consider buying the fiendishly expensive Adobe DC license ?


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Marshall Brown

I love Nitro Pro (using version 11 but have gone through several upgrades) but that isn't to say a few things I do miss.

Playing of embedded videos would be great such as found in Adobe when I create reports for clients.

I would also love to see a search facility that would allow looking through a folder of PDFs for words such as found in PDF-Exchange Viewer.

Currently I have three PDF programs on my computer to get done the things I need to. It would be nice to do everything in my favorite.


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