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Replace Page and maintain existing links to the new page (non standard paging)

Gary Pollard

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G'day Nitro people, I am involved in documents where an academic page numbering system is applied. The opening pages (title, table of contents, preamble etc) are numbered with roman numerals i,ii,iii,iv etc. The core document starts with our "official" page 1 which may be, for example, page 5 in document page order. These are primarily Word documents that will have other content added once they have been converted to a PDF. Content to be added is flagged with a holding page (left blank) and once the document is converted to a pdf these pages are substituted with the PDF pages which contain the content required with the page replace function. The document is created with full linking from the contents page and internal references (usually figure 1 etc ) however when we substitute the page the links are not retained. If we try and re-create the link it will create a link to the page number but without offsetting the initial pages. e.g. Page 30 by our numbering will be actual page 35 in page order and the link will link to that page not the desired one. Is there a way to preserve links when replacing a page? Or when creating a link could an offset be applied to the auto numbering?  My preference would be for preservation of links if possible, to reduce the need to add additional workflow, relinking after replacements have been made. Thanks for reading.         

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