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Nitro 12 malfunctioning

J Gorrell

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Today when i tried to open a file by double clicking, it appeared to begin opening.  My Nitro 12 was already running with several files open.  As the new file opened, on the task bar, it appeared there were two nitro versions (ie 2 overlapping icons), one with the open files and one with the new one that would not open - the doc title showed but the preview was greyed out, if that makes sense.  When i right-clicked the task bar icon to close, it asked if i wanted to close current file or all files.  i selected current file, and the second icon disappeared.  However, clicking on the existing icon did not maximize the program.  I exited and tried a few times with the same result. 

The next step was to try to repair it, through Control Panel-->Uninstall Programs-->Change (the option launched automatically).  Although the procedure completed through, the repair was unsuccessful.  So, i uninstalled and reinstalled Nitro 12.  Now when it launches i have the same issue - the window will not expand, and now further the header indicates I have an expired trial version.  I have a license but have not had an opportunity to input that information yet.

If Nitro is minimized somewhere on the screen, i cannot find it, even when all active windows are minimized.  but it is showing as being active in the Task Manager, which shows Nitro Pro (2) with subset of Nitro PRo (Expired Trial) and nitro_slider. 

What do i do next?


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I thought I would follow up.  I discovered what the problem was; Nitro had become minimized and "lost" between monitors, which i guess is a Windows 10 occurrence.  So, i was able to find it by right-clicking at the top of the icon on the task bar and maximizing. 😓

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