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Nitro 9 installation nightmare!

Deepash Bhavsar

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Deepash Bhavsar


I'm trying to reinstall Nitro Pro v9 onto my new laptop, in the hope that my serial number will still work to enable it. I know there are several posts venting about how frustrating it is to have to buy a new licence when a perfectly honest and existing licence exists, so I shall not linger on that issue. I've painstakingly found the appropriate setup file. When I run the setup file, the wizard fails due to the following error message:

"to help protect your security, your web browser has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer..."

I have tried googling this and have tried my best to resolve the issue but failed. Specifically, I've set my default web browser to Internet Explorer, then in internet options I've allowed active content to run files on My Computer, I've reset the machine. 

I do get the option to click the error message, and "enable the content", however the wizard fails the process too quickly. By the time I've clicked enable, it's all stopped and failed already.


How on earth do I get past this step of the install!!?!!

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Deepash Bhavsar

In addition to the above, I've tried lowering the security settings and disabling great swathes of them in a hope that I'll be able to just run the install file. This still fails. 

I feel like there's going to be one specific setting that will permit me to proceed with the install, but I can't find it. Help appreciated. 

Windows 10, Nitro Pro v 9.

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