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Powerbuilder with Nitropro - unwanted defaults

john thomas

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Hi Nitro - just started using Nitropdf with latest Appeon Powerbuilder. I got it to make a spooled file ok, which was a major breakthrough for us on Windows 10 (upgrading some older OS's). However there's some behavior I need to be able to modify/suppress. I have a screenshot but I can't upload a .jpg here it looks like; I don't have it on a url anywhere so descriptions will have to suffice:

1- as soon as it hits the Powerbuilder "PrintOpen()" command, it throws up the Nitro spooling window. PrintOpen() takes an argument TRUE/FALSE that is supposed to be able to suppress a printer selection window, and feeding it like so  PrintOpen("jobname", FALSE), it does suppress the Windows printer selection window, but still throws up the Nitro spooler. As this is all run from an automated batch job, we can't have a spooler window popping up and hanging up the job. How to bypass?

2- along with spooler window, a default file ("powerbuilder.pdf") is set up in the spooler window which I take it Nitro is grabbing from the app name. This is no good as  a) we need our own specific file names and   b) it is auto-saving the above default file name to the c:\windows  folder. Can't have this either. We need to be able to feed Nitro our filename and location programmatically and have it take it. 

Please advise on how I can remedy 1 & 2 above. Note that I am having to run Powerbuilder as administrator in this test box (Windows Server 2019 in this case, other boxes will be Win 10 or Win 2016), which makes a diff. When I don't run PB as admin, Nitro spooler window on save gives me "file locked" error. So I've solved that at least. Thanks much!

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