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printer and printer settings miniscule in Nitro Pro

John Combo

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I noticed when I downloaded the Nitro Pro update that when I click on File>Print, the printer name and settings are miniscule  (one has to get within a few inches of the screen to make out what they say) and the preview of the page one would be printing is extremely small.  The release notes indicate that *.605 improves print preview for those with high DPS scale settings (is I believe how it was stated).  I have a laptop that came with UHD, but Windows makes it standard FHD.  I don't have an external monitor that has higher resolution than FHD and it has the same issue when I view the Nitro Pro file opened on it as well.  Anyone else having this problem?  If I open a Word document in Word and do the same thing, everything is standard size and not miniscule.  I have another laptop that is "only" FHD, and I do not have this issue using the same *.605 Nitro Pro release.

I don't know if I could reinstall the release to see if I have the same problem.

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