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Start up of Nitro Pro is confusing

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The way that Nitro Pro starts is confusing and disruptive.

With the "Start up option" -> "Show the Home screen when Nitro Pro starts" checked,    Nitro Pro shows the File tab when Nitro Pro starts.  It says "Good Morning" (or something else) and shows recent documents.

From there, at first, Esc key does nothing.  It doesn't bring us to the Home tab.   You have to do non-obvious tricks such as mouse clicking on the circled left arrow to get to the Home tab.   Or clicking New which opens an empty untitled PDF and then closing that.

I often open Nitro Pro to do scans and the "Home screen" is useless for that.  It disrupts my workflow because I have to stop and remember how to get to the Home tab where I can start my work with the Create -> PDF -> From scanner option.

So I have "Show the Home screen" unchecked and Nitro Pro opens to the Home tab which is much smoother.



  • Fix things so that hitting Esc cancels the "Home screen"
  • Change the terminology.  Post-startup, hitting the "File" tab opens what is called the "Home screen" and the "Home" tab is something completely different.
  • Also have an option to get rid of the "Good Morning" message and glossy row of icons at the top.  Having a program say "Good Morning" is a little silly and the icons are also unnecessary.  3/5th's of them are just ads for the product (Edit Text & Images, eSign, Create & Organize) with little use after the first read-through.  Create & Combine also is an odd wording.   Are we creating, or combining?   Why does "Create & Organize" open an instructional PDF but "Create & Combine" opens a dialog?



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Here's another idea to make the Home screen more useful.

How about if we could "pin" PDFs to the "Create PDF from File", "Create & Combine"... line?  Keep the default five instructional PDFs if you want, but let us remove them and replace them with frequently used PDFs instead.   Like a bookmarks bar in the browser.

Each Monday I open one particular PDF and work with it.   But over the rest of the week, I open so many other PDFs that Monday's file no longer appears in the Recent list.   So I have to remember the folder where it is, what it's name is and open it through a more lengthy dialog.

This bookmarks bar could also be something that could appear in the File->Open panel.   "Recent Documents", "Computer", *"Bookmarks"*, "Add place".

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