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Had to reinstall NitroPro 13 and now cannot activate due to "activation limit"

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Donna Knighton

After working since 2019, my NitroPro started giving me the "Connection Issue" problem on my desktop (Suspect Windows 10 update). Followed the steps by AllainU in Forum to uninstall, download, and reinstall. Took my serial number, but said I have reached my 2 activation limit so I am stuck with a 14-day trial. My understanding was I could install on 2 devices. Currently installed on a laptop and this desktop. Is the system still counting the original activation on the desktop (not seeing the uninstall)?  Please advise. I use Nitro every day and generally love the product, am in the middle of some critical work.  Also, how do you change the display name on this forum? Spent an hour trying, as I would rather not have my full name listed. Thank you.

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Reymund G.

Hi @Donna Knighton,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

I have adjusted your license so you could reactivate Nitro Pro 13. To activate, open Nitro Pro then go to the Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activate. Enter the serial number then click on Activate.

Regarding the change of your display name, please check the account settings on your profile. If this option is not present, please send the display name that you would like to use and we will look if this is feasible. 

Kind regards,

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Donna Knighton

Success!  Thank you so much. Nice to know we can reach someone to help if this problem arises again, as I strongly suspect it was the latest Windows 10 update that caused the problem. 

FYI - "AmeliaK" if possible.

NitroPro is a great product at a great price. I used Acrobat every day for multiple tasks including engineering and personal, and almost panicked about their new subscription prices. So far I have not found anything that Acrobat would do that Nitro will not. A few things took trial and error (such as how to open multiple documents on two screens - a "flick of the mouse"!) but overall I am very happy with this product.

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