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How to View Multiple PDFs in Separate Windows? Can the background of the program be changed?

Luis Perez

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Hello. I have Nitro Pro 13.38 and I don't see the option to open multiple PDF files in separate windows, not all together side by side. Can anyone help me with my problem? Also, I would like to know if Nitro Pro allows to see the background of the window (not the open document, but the edges that are left in the file) in a color other than white, for example dark). These two problems do not occur who uses Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Foxit Phantom PDF. Awaiting your help. Thanks.

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Luis Perez,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

To view multiple PDF files in a separate window, you can drag the tab then drop it outside. This will create a new window specifically on that document. There is no settings in the Nitro Pro preferences to open the document initially in a separate tab. 

Regarding the background, Nitro Pro has a theme selections (Dark Gray, Orange, and White). However, there is no option to change the transparency of the interface to allow to see the background of the window. 

Kind regards, 

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Michelle Devine

The statement "There is no settings in the Nitro Pro preferences to open the document initially in a separate tab. " - Is this something that is being looked at as it's an extra step for me to constantly drag them out as I am opening a lot throughout the day where Adobe would just open up a brand new window. Thanks a bunch!

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On 16/4/2021 at 19:24, Michelle Devine said:

La declaración " No hay configuraciones en las preferencias de Nitro Pro para abrir el documento inicialmente en una pestaña separada  ". ¿Es esto algo que se está observando, ya que es un paso adicional para mí arrastrarlos constantemente hacia afuera ya que estoy abriendo mucho? a lo largo del día donde Adobe simplemente abriría una nueva ventana. ¡Gracias un montón!

Hi @Michelle Devine.
The truth is that it is very annoying that in Nitro Pro settings the option to "initially open the document in a separate tab". I do not know if one day they will update it and add that option.
While they solve it or not, I'm going to use Adobe or Foxit PhantomPDF (the latter "weighs less" than Adobe), since they both have the option of opening the PDFs in separate windows.

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