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Embedded Excel Files suddenly no longer work

Chris Kaschak

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Chris Kaschak

Hello I'm writing in hopes of someone knowing the answer to this. I have a client who uses Nitro Pro 12 and they like to embed pdf files into Excel spreadsheets for easy access later on. About a month ago or so this issue started where the embedded files no longer open when they click on them, it used to be they just double click the embedded pdf and it opens up in Nitro. I've updated them to the latest version of Nitro Pro 12 but that hasn't fixed the issue. I've also tested with other items such as disabling any add-ins within Excel, making sure Nitro was the default for pdf files, etc. but nothing is working. I can add new pdf files into documents and open them using Adobe Reader if I set that as the default for pdf files but unfortunately older excel files they have with the nitro pdfs embedded still won't open in either program no matter what the default is. Again this worked up until recently so I'm not sure if anyone has seen this issue and knows of a possible fix from Nitro but this is a major problem and I'm hoping someone here will have a resolution. Thank you!

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