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Is it possible to make a header which insert PDF name automatically?

harsh marwah

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harsh marwah

I wanted to create a header profile such that when I apply the header, it inserts header like: "Name of Pdf: Page xx".

For example I have a PDF titled "Computer Network Part 1" (similarly part 2/3/4/5) and I wanted to insert page number such that: "Computer Network Part 1: Page 28".

Ps: I think I can hardcode the name of PDF in header profiles ("Computer Network Part 1: Page $PageNo[1]") but I wanted to know if something automatic is possible?

Page Layout -> Header & Footer -> Manage Header and footer ->Select "Page number text" under "Current Page Header" -> Edit.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/11rckf4fodom2u9/Nitro Header.JPG?dl=0

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