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Activation / Deactivation issue, and 401 errors

Daniel Aghdami

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Daniel Aghdami

On both office and home PC’s I get a 401 error message whenever the app has been shut down and restarted, or a new file is opened.

Logging out and back in again (top right) helps, but only until I close the app and restart it, or my PC.

I thought to deactivate the license, reinstall and reactivate. But when go to deactivate, there is an error. When I check the licence centre, it shows no active licenses and hence no deactivation can be made.

I have the latest version of the software for Nitro 12 installed (.574). 


Any ideas? It’s been quite time consuming already... thanks for a quick response. I have spent hours on this already


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Daniel Aghdami

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

I can see that you opened a support ticket and one of my team mates is assisting you.

We will continue to communicate with you through that support ticket.


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Daniel Aghdami

Hello Leslie,

I still haven't heard anything from Nitro, directly through a support ticket, or through this channel. My Nitro license has now deactivated and I cannot activate it at all. In the license centre I have the option to deactivate but it shows now activated devices to deactivate. Please help. I have spent hours on this now.



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