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Forms and Date Fields

Curtis Puetz

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Curtis Puetz

We are creating a form that has 3-4 date fields.  When testing, the date fields are acting strangely depending on the format option chosen.

For example, if we set the field properties to be "mm/dd/yyyy", the field will not accept ANY entry of 8 digits (i.e. 12251985 for December 25, 1985).  The field acts as if it REQUIRES the / character.

However, if we set the same field to be "m/d/yyyy", that field WILL accept entry of 8 digits, but will drop digits (i.e. 12251985 becomes 1/2/1985)  In addition, if the user enters "12/15/1985", then the field retains that exact date, even though the format is set as "m/d/yyyy". 

Basically, we are not quite sure what format to be using and anticipate users will, from time to time, try to enter dates without any - or / characters, yet the field acts differently depending on the format selection.  Hopefully that makes some sense.  One possible solution would be if we could edit the error message that appears, so that we can have it say "Please enter / between the month, day and year." or something like that.  The error message of "Invalid date/time: please ensure that the date/time exists.  Field [Text25] should match format mm/dd/yyyy"


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