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Text Field Properties blank for form originally created with Adobe Acrobat DC

John Mason

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We have a client using Adobe to create their forms and I use Nitro Pro here.  Their forms, whenever I open them here to help them with a problem, do not show the Name or Tooltip in the Text Field Properties where you'd edit the name of the form field.   We use a c# program to read the variables in and depend on the name to know what data to pull in to what database element.  And just like Nitro, we don't see these form field names in our c# program either.

Yet, when I open the form in Acrobat DC all the names are there and the properties for the fields show the names as well.

Anyone run into anything like this?  Anything we can 'tweak' on the Adobe side to make these documents compatible with Nitro?  

I have a number of clients we've recommended Nitro Pro to and they use it as well as a number of clients that have Acrobat and a number that use both.  But I only have this issue with this one client.

It's a mystery :)

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I did just make a discovery that might explain the difference.  When I look at the document properites of the form the client is creating, the application that created the form is listed as Microsoft Print to Pdf.  It's not Adobe Acrobat as it should be.  So apparently the client creates their form and instead of saving the form they created as a pdf, is picking print, then picking Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer, then creating her form save name from that dialog.  The 'printed to pdf' pdf form then has this annomoly where Acrobat still sees the form field names, but Nitro and our app does not.

I don't see anyway to tweak the busted PDF so it works correctly which is too bad as this is a 10 page PDF form the client created.

Well, if anyone else runs into this, that's what appears to be the independent variable we ran into.

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