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SSO error between Nirto & AAD

taher kankroliwala

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taher kankroliwala

Hi Team,

 Hope you are doing well.

 I am facing error to set up SSO for one of our client who has got multiple Nitro Sign Suite license.

I have followed the guide - https://www.gonitro.com/user-guide/admin/article/single-sign-on-overview but getting below error when user has sign in successfully as per message shown in the Azure AD Sign In logs.

  an error occurred between your IdP and Nitro, please contact your administrator


I have tried multiple attributes, but no luck. Note -NameID(Unique User Identifier) and employeeNumber was tried with user.mail as well

Can you please advise/support what we are missing in completing set up?


Kind Regards,


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Spencer Stewart

Is the user licensed in Azure AD / Microsoft 365? I had this issue with a test user account in AAD. I found out that it needed to be licensed in Azure AD for SSO to work with Nitro. Unfortunately this didn't seem to be documented.

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