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Alternate Mix/Riffle Shuffle while combining 2 files



Due to a scanner not doing double sided scanning I have some documents split into 2 files. Odd pages and even pages. While the combine feature can let me put the pages in the right order. For documents more than 20 pages long, this gets a little tiresome.


Some shortcut functions of moving pages (singular or bulk/grouped) within a document around without having to drag and drop would be great also, eg. Put to first/last or to a page number.

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Tom Bammann

Hi Michael, in the interim, PDFsam Basic is free and provides this functionality. But I hope Nitro implement it, a great idea.

Also, booklet scanning, where a bunch of double-side A4 pages have been stapled in the middle as a binder, and folder over into an A5 book. If you take the staples out, and scan that single or double sided, it's a pain to order the pages as a PDF.

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