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Nitro has become extremely laggy and freezes/delays to catch up with normal typing

Steve Klumb

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Hi There,

The performance of my nitro on my deskptop has been extremely laggy and almost unusable here recently. It can't even keep up with normal typing and takes several seconds just to process what I've typed. I have many other apps on my computer and none of them are lagging. I tried several troubleshooting steps that I could find online but they didn't seem to fix the issue. Please help.

I tried the install cleanup tool as well.

What can I do to get this working like it used to?




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Nitro takes the cake for the most difficult company to reach out of any software i've ever purchased. It doesn't matter if you buy VIP access or not. There isn't anyone there to respond and the "submit a ticket" button reroutes you to the community blogs to solve your own issues. 

This is rubbing me the wrong way... How do I get a hold of someone over there to fix what has been an extremely poor lagging performance within nitro pdf 13 recently. I can type three words and it takes the sofware 30 seconds to realize what I've typed and for it to show on the pdf. No other application that I have has any lag/delay issues.


How do I troubleshoot this? This has went from my favorite software to so frustrated that I am going to find something else similar. PLEASE HELP

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hi @SK USNational

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience this issue has caused. 
I understand that you are experiencing a performance issue on your Nitro PDF Pro installation. 

Could you please provide which specific build of Nitro PDF Pro 13 is installed on your computer? This information can be located under the Help tab > About Nitro Pro. 

I can see that you have attempted to remove Nitro PDF Pro using our cleanup tool. Could you please share the link where you download the cleanup tool? I would like to know if you used the old or the latest cleanup tool. 

Lastly, does the performance issue also happens even if you are only creating a new document (File > New) then place a text using the Type Text tool?

Kind regards,

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