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Cannot create PDF


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HI folks,

Recently reinstalled Nitro Pro after computer rebuild. However I'm currently unable to create any PDF's by any of the normal methods (virtual printing, nitro add in etc) Have multiple documents waiting in a print queue. I can still open existing PDF documents.

Hoping someone can help.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Ger

Thanks for your message!

So that we can troubleshoot the problem, please provide me with the following:

- What exact version you are using . You can find this information by opening Nitro. Go to the Help tab, then click About Nitro Pro.

- A sample file that fails to convert, and your step by step workflow

- A screenshot of any error message you are getting.

I look forward to your reply.

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Hi - thanks for responding:-

I'm using Nitro Pro

Basically any file I try to convert. This could be a web page or a spreadsheet. Generally I use print to pdf but all documents remain in print queue with no pdf generated. There are no error messages. 

 - So I start process, select the Nitro printer, then print,  save as, save to location 

No pdf file is present at location, no error message and the file gets added to the Nitro Pro Print Queue





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