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Install error "Nitro Pro Setup Wizard has failed" (Windows 11)

James Nachbar

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James Nachbar

I'm trying to move a functioning installation of NitroPro v13 from an old PC to a new one.

The new PC is running Windows 11; 64 bit

Here's what I did:

1- I deactivated the program from the old PC.  I have the serial number

2- I downloaded the Trial version of v13 from your website and tried to install it.  It generates the error:  "Nitro Pro Setup Wizard has failed".

Can you guide me to a download of the applicable MSI download file?  This was needed in the past



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I have the same problem.  I'm moving to a new computer (Surface Pro 8 with Windows 11), and I cannot install the latest version of Nitro Pro from the latest version .exe installer download on the Nitro website.  That claims to be v13.50, but when you execute it, it always stops at 92% downloaded and then gives the message "Nitro Pro Setup Wizard has failed".  I've used the link above for an MSI version which works, but it is for v13.49.2.993.  Is there any place where we can simply and reliably download the MSI for whatever is the latest version, whenever we do it?

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It didn't go too well.  Although that link states a version number, the actual MSI to which it points appears to be the same as the one I had already installed namely  Maybe I did something really stupid, but I carefully downloaded the MSI from your link, labelling it with the version number.  (The MSI file name itself does not include a version number.)  On executing it, it would only repair or uninstall.  If I tried to repair, it would bomb. So I uninstalled, then reinstalled (requiring re-activation).  On inspection the version number had not changed.

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