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Extraction / Combine not working properly.

Joe Burgess

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Greetings Everyone,

Have an issue with when extracting pages or combining.  I am utilizing Nitro Pro version (PDF v 1.4), followed the procedure below:

1)  Created a PDF using Nitro Pro from a Word document (2016).

2)  Added text boxes as fillable form fields using Nitro Pro with combing.

3)  Extracted a page / page(s) filled out from the document using Nitro Pro.  Within the extracted pages, "some", but not all, of the text boxes lost their combing attributes (i.e. text did not comb when it should).

4)  This also occurs when using Nitro Pro for combining documents.


We require that "extracted" and / or "combined" pages that were originally created with "combing" text boxes, maintain their combing attributes.  After extensive experimentation, this behavior does not appear in documents processed in Adobe, and the properties of both combed and non-combed text boxes (that should be combed) appear to be the same, with the exception of names, of course.  Just wondering if anyone else ran into this behavior using extract or combine?  And how to proceed.


Thanks, Joe

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