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Word Contents Table Links not working when converted to PDF

Nicolle James

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Nicolle James


For some reason when I export a Word 2016 document to a PDF via Nitro the PDF table of contents links don't work. Not sure why this has suddenly happened. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, the Nitro plug in on word has 'Convert Links' ticked - yet when I export or use the 'save as' function the links in the PDF don't work. The only way I can get it to work is clicking on the nitro plug in and select 'create' pdf from that screen, which then prompts me to save the word version and then the location for the PDF and then it takes forever to run through multiple screens before finally saving - and the links work on this version - can someone please help find a solution for the export or save as functions to work as they previously did? Thanks.

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Nicolle James

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

The Export or Save As function in Office do not use Nitro PDF Pro plugin when converting to PDF. 
When you use the Export or Save as in Office, Microsoft uses it's own PDF process to convert or save the document to PDF. 

You will need to use the Nitro PDF plugin if you would like Nitro PDF Pro to convert your Word documents and preserve the links. 

Aside from the Nitro Plug-in, you can also convert your Word documents by going to the Windows explorer, right-click the file then select 'Convert to PDF with Nitro Pro'. 
When using this workflow, make sure that the Convert Links is checked in the Nitro Pro Preferences (found under the File > Preferences).


Kind regards, 

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Nicolle James

Thanks for your response. Converting from Windows via Nitro Pro didn't solve the issue, however I have kept playing around and found a fix so will share in case this is helpful to others. I think the issue is the Word docs were saving as .docx files. So what I did was 'save as' in Word, then click 'more options' under the file type box and it then opens a pop up box and defaults to save as a 'Word Document' which you cannot access by using the dropdown box only. Saving as this file type and then exporting to a PDF make the links work again. This will work whether you 'export' or then use the 'save as' option and choose PDF. Thanks.

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