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Shared Review via WebDav or Sharepoint - How to with Nitro (this is possible with Adobe)

duane ellis

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In our case - the PDFs are generated by Schematic Capture(OrCad) and/or Mechanical Designsoftware like Autocad/SolidWorks, or a PCB Layout software like Alltium - there is no way to use Nitro to create the PDFs - our goal is to pass these PDFs around to others for review and comment.  An important point is that we *cannot* use a cloud based solution for this (due to contractual agreements with our customers, the PDFs must remain with in the 4 walls of our office and never leave the building).

I am familiar with the Adobe Pro - "shared review" - where you can specify either (1) a sharepoint site, or (2) a URL/HTTP link to a webdav server to collect/share PDF Review comments.  This lets users participate in the review in one common place - and collect all reviews in one common place automatically and respond to each others review comments.

You can also have some people email you the marked up PDF, then using Adobe  you export comments from each person into smallfiles then import all of the comments into a single PDF - then use that single PDF with all comments in a formal review meeting with every one present.

The flow is:

Designer creates PDF using their engineering tool (ie: Orcad, Autocad, SolidWorks, or Altium PCB designer)

Designer marks PDF for a "shared review" and some how indicates the PATH to the server that collects the review content 

Designer distributes link or PDF - I do not care

Review occurs - on the persons schedule and time

Once review is complete - Designer collects all review comments and addresses the comments as appropriate.

Review Adjudication meeting ( we all sit in a room and agree that the issue is now resolved ).

I know how to do the above with Adobe Acrobat - I want to do this with Nitro, I cannot find instructions that explain how to do this

Key points

a) Shared review comments.

b) all files, etc, and server must be on premise (100% our servers in our buildings - no cloud solution is acceptable due to contractual requirements), preference: (1) webdav (apache, or IIS if required) based solution, or (2) sharepoint (yuck) solution.

c) collect all comments into one common PDF (for adjudication meeting)

d) Nice to have: A few (1 to 2) email only reviewers, ie: they email the PDF markup and email back the markup - if we can support them would be great


Adobe references: 


See the section titled: Share a PDF for review by hosting it on Sharepoint, WebDAV server, or a network folder

Another: https://community.adobe.com/t5/acrobat-discussions/need-help-setting-up-a-shared-review-on-webdav/td-p/10367977

Want to do basically the same thing with Nitro


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