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"Paper available: Letter" but I need A4

Ray Phillips

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I have Nitro Pro v installed on a Windows 10 laptop. I can't set its page size to A4, sort of...

In "Settings -> Devices -> Printers & Scanners" I've clicked Nitro PDF Creator and then the Manage button, then clicked Printer properties. The "Paper available:" box always says Letter, even though I've clicked the Preferences button, then the Pages tab and selected A4 from the "Page size:" pop-up menu. I also clicked "Printing preferences" and selected the A4 "Page size:" from its Pages tab.

If I click the "Printer properties" "Print Test Page" button the output is A4 sized.
If I right-click an email in Outlook and select "Quick Print" from the menu, the output is A4 sized.


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(Oops, I somehow accidentally submitted that post prematurely... are you able to concatenate this to it please moderator?)

(A dialog box appears saying "Now printing page ... on the Nitro PDF Creator")

If I right-click an email in Outlook and select Nitro Pro's "Create PDF From Email" from the menu, the output is Letter size.

(I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader's File -> Properties dialog box to see what the output page size is.)

I never want Letter-sized output. :( Please advise how that Letter size in the "Paper available:" box can be changed to A4, and how to make the printing to PDF provide consistent page sizes.

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Hi @Ray Phillips

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please try the following steps and see if it works for you:

1. In Outlook, select the email that you would like to convert to PDF.
2. Once selected, click File > Print. Select Nitro PDF Creator as the Printer. 
3. Once selected, click the Print Options. From there, click the Page Setup button. Go to the Paper section then set the Paper to A4. Click Ok the click Preview to see the results.
4. When ready, click Print. 

Another thing you can do is to change the page size of the document. To do this, open the PDF file in Nitro PDF Pro. Go to the Page Thumbnails section then select all the pages. Once selected, right-click the page then go to 'Set Page Size' then A4. This workflow will change the page size of the selected page/s. 

Kind regards,

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Thanks for responding Reymund.

OK, printing using the method in your steps 1 thru 4 produces a PDF file with A4-sized pages. That's good to know... but do you think there's a chance that a future version of Nitro Pro [preferably not one I need to pay for :) ] will produce a document with the correct page size when the right-click -> "Create PDF From Email" sequence is used? And of the "Paper available:" box showing A4 instead of Letter when A4 has been selected? (I'm guessing you are able to refer this problem to the developers?)

I tried to change the page size by selecting all the thumbnails as you described. That worked thanks, but it's tedious to have to go through another step to get what I need.

(Is it possible to paste a screenshot into this forum's posts?)

BTW, would you be able to look at another problem I'm having with Nitro Pro, please? There hasn't been a response to it for a while:

An error occurred. See inner exception(s) for details - Conversion - Nitro Community Forums (gonitro.com)


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