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Problems with select tool, shapes and texts

Bruno Mattedi

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Bruno Mattedi

Hello everyone,


I'm using nitro PDF Pro to add some shapes (Review tab>Shapes) and texts (Home>Type Text) to my documents and I'm currently having lots of usability problems.

  1. The select tool doesn't select the shapes neither the texts that I inserted. Meaning that if I want to change position of multiple items, I have to select one by one and this can be quite trick due to the position and how close they are from each other.
  2. It is not possible to change position (depth) of shapes and text, like bring to front or back, move frontwards or backwards. This way, I could use a shape in the top of another one.
  3. Is is not possible to group shapes and text together.
  4.  It is not possible to use decimals for line thickness of shapes.
  5. Cannot change default color/size of text and shapes, meaning that if I want to write always in the red color, I've to create the text and change it to red every time. The same goes for line thickness and color for shapes.
  6. When editing a shapes, shift key doesn't work (like when creating it) so it is really hard to keep lines straight and and to prevent circles to become oval.


Appreciate any support and tips. 

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