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I am trying to remove some data from a pdf on the bottom left corner. It is text and I do not want to crop all the pages but delete that part of the text or that area from all the pages in the pdf. It is on 95 of the 100 pages in the document.


It is not a pdf that was created in Nitro PDF.

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Steven Zakulec
3 hours ago, getthejobdone said:

Yes! Could you please let me know how do I apply it all the pages?

To repeat marks across pages:
 1. Right-click a redaction mark, and select Repeat Mark Across Pages
 2. Specify a range of pages to receive the same redaction mark, and then filter by all, odd or even
 3. Click OK to repeat the redaction mark in the same position on other pages

There's more detail in the Nitro User Guide from page 197 (you can find a direct link here: http://guide.nitropdf.com.s3-website-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/articles/Redaction/#kanchor433)


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