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Nitro 12 creating poor quality docs

Mike Fox

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I have used NitroPro PDF Version 8 for many years, and it worked very well. I often use it to create a single pdf doc from multiple scanned pages. I use a high quality flatbed scanner and the jpg's of each page that I create are very clear.  When I choose the "print ready" option in version 8, the resulting pdf is very clear as well.  I had to upgrade to version 12 because I purchased a new PC and moved version 8 to the new PC, after deactivating it on the old one, and Nitro's servers would not let me activate version 8. I found out that I should move to version 12.

But now that I am using version 12 on 2 different PCs, and also using the quality setting of "print ready," the documents are much less clear, as though Nitro is recompressing the pages to a large degree, resulting in a lot of compression artifacts.  I have looked elsewhere in the program for other settings which might affect this and have not located anything.

One other things that happened today: my wife opened a pdf document someone gave her, in Nitro 12.  This not a scanned document and one which allows her to fill in fields of text.  When she opened the doc in version 8, it looked normal.  When she opened it in version 12, it looked very light and was not easy to read.  I am not sure if this is related to the first problem or not.  We have never had any of these issues with version 8.

Am I missing something?


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