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“Previous view” and the “Next view” buttons don't work

Tamás Kunya

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Tamás Kunya

I have been working with Nitro Pro for few days, but the “Previous view” button on the bottom doesn’t work perfectly. According to the User guide of the Nitro it should step back through the viewing history, but I can only one back and no more. I think after the step back I should be able to use the “Next view” button, but that doesn’t even be activated.

I think this is a bug in the software, isn’t it?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Tamás Kunya

Thanks for reaching out to us!


The Previous View button works f you viewed the file with different zoom levels, went to other pages or bookmarks, or clicked on links. If you made these movements on the file you are working on, and the Previous view or next view do not work, you may need to get a more updated version of Nitro Pro 13. 

Kindly send me the serial number/license you are using so I'll know which type of installers to give you.


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