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Nitro Pro 11 and Nitro Pro 13

Patrick Iler

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Patrick Iler

I am not sure where to go from here. Below is the correspondence of a support ticket. Apparently the last contact with Leslie was the last I was going to have with him/her because in attempts to reply to the last they were rejected. So I assume Leslie blocked my email address? If so I'm not sure why. I've been pleasant and respectful in my correspondence. I also attempted to submit a new support ticket but received an error stating something was wrong and after two attempts it was rejected and I was instructed to submit to forum so hear I am. 

In my attempted reply I asked for an explanation on how I purchased Nitro Pro 13 at a discounted price since the math doesn't really add up to a discount. I purchased Nitro Pro 13 for $80. As a result, you canceled my Nitro Pro 11 serial, so I no longer have access to that version. So, in reality I paid $176 for Nitro 13 ($96 + $80 = $176). I don't understand how that is a discounted price. So if you are not willing to re-activate the Nitro Pro 11 serial I respectfully ask to take advantage of Leslie's offer below to re-activate the Nitro Pro 11 serial (Nitro Pro 12 I now understand) and cancel the Nitro Pro 13 upgrade serial and issue a refund. Thank you.

Nitro Support Case - 00286808 - Activation
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