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Activation fails, and the Chatbot really p155e5

Malcolm Swallow

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Malcolm Swallow


I've got a new laptop as old one won't run BillG latest (shite) operating system. Online nitro alleges i have 0 installations/activations so the Deactivate crashes every time.

what's the fix as Nitro don't provide support to paying customers?

It's shame as the product itself is excellent

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Malcolm Swallow

Thanks for your message - I'm happy to assist you.

Can you please let me know what error message you're getting? A screenshot will be very helpful.

Please also send me your Nitro serial number so I can check.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Stewart Nance

same problem ... new computer and won't let me activate.  "Deactivate" doesn't work and says my license # not valid but it is as I'm logged in on my old computer and its working fine.  

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John Kronick

I am having the same problem. my computer crashed, and so I reinstalled everything. I deactivated my nitro pro 12, and then tried to activate it, and it failed with a -24 activation error. tried several times. same results. I need to resolve this asap. search on my serial number shows 0 activations, 2 activations remain.



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