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Very slow scrolling in A0+ documents

Jan Soltys

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Hello, I have a long term problem with extremely slow scrolling through A0 or A0+ documents. It is practically impossible to use the SW when opening anything larger than A2. Please could you help me to solve this issue?

Thank you.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Jan,

Thanks for your message - I'm happy to assist you.

So that we can troubleshoot the problem, please provide me with the following:
- The file you are working on, for testing
- What exact version of Nitro you are using. You can find this information by opening Nitro. Go to the Help tab, then click About Nitro Pro.
- Your specific step by step workflow so we can replicate this on our end
- A screen shot of what you are seeing or any error message you are receiving

I look forward to your response.

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Jan Soltys

Hello, thank you for your support.

- because of the file is confidential, I will send it to you via private message

- Nitro Pro

- Open file, try to move by "hand" tool

- no error message

If needed, I can later create a screen recording to show my problem. But I think you will probably be able to see the issue as well, all my colleagues who opened this file have the same issue.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards, Jan

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Jan Soltys

Thanks for providing the file! I apologize for the inconvenience! I recommend getting the latest Nitro Pro 13 update 13.58 -- it includes some fixes and improvements.


Please note though, I am able to replicate the slowness issue in the latest build but not as slow as the older build. 13.45 is much slower.

It is most likely because of the page size of this file, that slows it down when you scroll. I opened the same file in other PDF readers including Adobe and got similar results. Sorry I cannot give you workaround for this at the moment, but we will be looking into this slowness issue in large files similar to the one you provided. Hopefully, it will be fixed in a future release.

Please let me know if you have other questions.


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