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Pages Created in Adobe with Java script do not behave correctly.

Mario Carpini

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Mario Carpini


I am trying to standardise our organisation on Adobe Pro and am getting some pushback.

Some users have created pages in Adobe Acrobat that have Java code that  will not behave as expected in Nitro Pro.

An Example is below.

var f=this.getField("Check Box1");
var s=(f.value.length>0);function checkCheckbox(){
if (this.getField("Check Box4").isBoxChecked(0) == true) {
} else {


In adobe, the java script above will unhide 2 pages when the check box is checked and hide the pages when the box is unchecked.

In Nitro ticking the check box opens two pages.

When unchecking the box another two of the same pages open.

Ticking and unticking just opens the pages multiple times.

They have used the same technique for at least 50 check boxes on the page.


Any help apreciated.




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