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Feature Request - Quicksign - Additional options

Adam Sweeney


Adam Sweeney

Hi Nitro Team!

One of the key features we picked nitro over adobe (aside from the price point) was the Quicksign feature.  We use quicksign heavily in our organisation for dropping our moniker onto documents, approving invoices etc without having to digitally sign / lock the document.  

A feature that would make Nitro unbeatable for us would be the ability to add text at signature creation (i.e. say from an image) then add the current date as a variable.  For example, we do lots of invoice approvals - process being - I quick sign a document, add text to say approved and where to charge, then the date of signature, which slows the whole process down.  Having a variable or a drop down list of pre-filled data (i.e. charging points) and then automatically adding the date would be a game changer.

I'm aware I could do most of this via the certify / digitally sign feature.   The issue for me is that I don't want to certify/lock the document as it may go upstream to another person who then cannot sign if I already have.

Hoping there's heaps of others that might want this!!




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