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Nitro Pro v13.58.0.1180_w64 - Crashing at startup - Cannot run at all

Kevin Frey

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Kevin Frey

I cannot run Nitro Pro anymore (v13, latest public build).

Can't run by opening a PDF, and it won't run "standalone" from the Desktop icon either. It dumps two files in my temp folder, then closes. 


I am clicking the option to send the crash files to Nitro Pro, so you should have several crash reports in the inbound queue under my email address. I don't see a way to upload the DMP files here. 

Very frustrating. I had to resort to using DocuSign for some editing I needed to do in the meantime, which is not great.  

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Kevin Frey

OK - Fixed my own problem. I went into the registry,  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE, then deleted the Nitro key and all its subkeys/values. Then, I tried running it again, and voila, no more "crash at start."   So, something uncorrectable or an unhandled error was causing this crash. I still recommend that Nitro software dev staff look at the crash reports sent so that you can properly "catch and handle" this error in the future, and at least provide a remediation recommendation going forward. 


FYI in case anyone else has this issue in the future on their own PCs. 

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