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Upgrade Displaying incorrect Price on Web Site

Steve Topilnycky

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Steve Topilnycky

After chatting with Emilio from Sales, I was presented a link to upgrade my Nitro v. to the latest version.  The web site (https://www.gonitro.com/support/upgrade) accepted my serial number as valid and stated I was eligible to upgrade. When I clicked Get Upgrade, it stated "You’re eligible for a discounted upgrade to the newest version of Nitro Pro. " I clicked proceed to Check Out. My Cart showed a $179.00 instead of $89.00.

You can see it here:  T8oVIl.jpg

Sales was not able to assist and stated to post here.  I would like to compete my purchase, but will not do so until the correct price is shown. I will be purchasing 2 licenses with product upgrade.

Yes, I have cleared cookies with no success.

I  am using Chrome, however, I also tried Microsoft Edge with the same results.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.




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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Steve,

To upgrade to version 13, please proceed to the following web page,


Enter your serial number and follow the prompts to receive a new Nitro Pro 13 serial key and installation files.

Hope that helps!

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Steve Topilnycky

Thank you for your response. Leslie.  

What you posted is exactly what I posted, the difference is, when I get to the shopping cart, it is displaying $179.00 for the product, however, being an upgrade, the cart price should be $89.00. This is the issue.

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