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Joined business account but still showing trial period

Anthony Cunningham

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Anthony Cunningham

I have been added to our company's business account.  I have logged in and can use Nitro to view PDFs etc however, it is showing that I am still in a trial period at the top.


I also can't print any PDF that has a box that Nitro recognises as editable without that editable box being blacked out.


Please help


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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Anthony Cunningham

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

The Nitro Sign account that is associated to your email address has a valid license and it is according to your company's license subscription. 
Would you be so kind to take a screenshot of the window where you are seeing a trial period? 

When you login using your Nitro Sign account, was it through the Nitro PDF Pro application or through the web browser at https://cloud.gonitro.com?

Regarding the cannot print issue, please provide the steps you are taking (workflow) and a screenshot of the output.
You can also share the file here so we could test it based on your workflow.

Kind regards,

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Anthony Cunningham

Hi, please see screenshot below of the trial period.  

I have logged in using my email address associated to the business account.


I don't know how to upload a screenshot but at the top it just says I have 9 days remaining.


I am unable to share the document due to it having client sensitive information sorry.





Edited by Anthony Cunningham
Tried to attach a screenshot but unable
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